Life360 with ST

I have read many theads in using life360 and ST. Seems like everyone has the same issues with it reporting to ST. These theads I’ve read are pretty old. Wondering if anyone is using life360 and has had it working correctly.

Seems like I have to load the app on my phone to get it to trigger my location to STs. Life360 is an awesome app I’ve been using it for just over a year but I’m really getting tired of loading the app to get STs to know I’m home or away.

What’s the fix for this? Is there another app to use instead of life360? The ST mobile presence sensor just don’t work.

New app or classic? IOS or Android? My wife and I both use life 360. Both on classic. I’m Android, ver 6. And she is IOS. Not sure what version and it works great for us. Neither of us has to open the app to get it to update ST. Been using it for several years now.

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I use classic app dont care for the new app. I have Android, wife has Android, kids have that iOS thing.

Are you running any device handlers?

I have tried to stick with stock the DTH for everything whenever possible. I think the only custom DTH I’m running is for the wink enabled fan controllers. As for Life 360, everything is stock. On android, you did turn off battery optimization for Life 360? I’m not sure if its needed but I shut it off for ST classic too.

I didn’t have battery optimization off. I will switch that off and give it a try.

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I’ve used Life360 on Android for about 18 months and it works great on the old ST app. Lots of warnings about delays on new app though it seems. As per last post, make sure batter optimisation is OFF for the Life 360 app.

Ok I’ve tested with Battery Optimization off. Life360 is still buggy for me. It will only work great if I load the Life360 app on the phone I want STs to know where I"m at. I’ve spent about 1 hour today driving back and worth from my house. It works… it dont work. I take the same route each time. Enough away from my home that I know I’m out of range. In fact the last 2 times I’ve come home, STs didn’t know I was there. Once I loaded the LIfe360 app, BAM STs know knew I was home and did what it was suppose to do. What’s up? Anyone else having this issue.

I"m using a Android Samsung G8. Location is set to High Accurancy, Wifi always on. Battery Optimize was on, now off. No difference.

Which version of android?

Android 8.0

Let me also say I"m only using the Classic App of STs

Just ran some more tests. This time loading the LIfe360 app did not detect I was away from home in STs.

So in STs, I went into Automation > SmartAps, clicked on Life360 > Next > Save. When doing this STs instantly updated my presents. It amost appears STs is losing the connection between LIfe360 and STs.

The only difference I see is that I’m still on ver 6 on a Samsung Galaxy S5. I also have both apps running but Life 360 was working well long before the new ST app was introduced.

I would hope that is not the case. I’ve had my Android 8.0 for awhile now.

Here is an interesting thread for you to read through. Not a promising thread though.

Ok I have found life360 will work for a day or so then I have to go into STs and reconnect life360 for STs to know my presence. This is very frustrating

app is useless if you cannot add your accurate address. it changes the house number every single time so it got uninstalled.