Life360 and New Smartthings Mobile App?

Life360 users dont work in the new mobile app, any pointers on how to fix that? Or any other alternatives rather than configure smartthings on their phone?

Appreciate your help.


There is no fix at this point. contact ST support and put in a request for them to get it working :slight_smile:

best recommendation is to use the Classic app


You may have already found it but look in Smartthings Settings and connected services. though to connect you will need to use the old smartthings app

Hopefully you find an answer for this. I too am stuck on this. I personally use webCoRE, so most of my proposed solutions may or may not be beneficial to you if you don’t use webCoRE…

This will be my biggest pain when they make us do the switch.

The only things I can think of would be…

  1. Copy the integration code from GitHub and manually implement it and see if it works. For some reason my two manually installed SmartApps are showing in the new app, so maybe Life360 will too.

  2. If that doesn’t work…then I’ll probably have to set something up with webCoRE and IFTTT. Though, IFTTT also has a crappy Life360 integration…You can only detect when the first person arrives somewhere or last person leaves somewhere…or, you can check your own account location, but not someone else on Life360 (security issue maybe?). So my solution ended up being to create an IFTTT account for each person on Life360, and then use those with webCoRE, this way you can say “IF PersonA Arrives at Home THEN do this”.

  3. Maybe we can vote and see if maybe Life360 could be implemented as an integraiton with webCoRE…if enough people request it, maybe they will consider it.

  4. And finally…may have to just not use Life360 at all, and use the presence options built into the new app? However, I haven’t had a chance to test how well that works in webCoRE. Nor do I know if having multiple apps tracking GPS position sucks up more battery.