Life360 issues today (September 16, 2020)

Life360 appears to be having some issues today. I noticed it did not report as away when I left earlier this morning and just a few minutes ago, it reported me as leaving so ST switched to armed/away. But surprise, I am home :slight_smile:

Stopped working for me too. But today it works again

Life360 can no longer trigger automations since switching from Classic to the new app. I contacted support to try and fix it and was told that ability is going away in the new app. Since ST mobile presence has always worked terribly outside of Life360, and my wife and daughter don’t want/need the ST app on their phones, this is a deal breaker.

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Look in device status when creating an automation…

Device status
You will find life360 listed there

You can’t find it in the member location section

Life360 is working really bad these days. False reports of location, weird location jumps many times per hour and service blackouts. Is there alternative way to create location circles and use them with st & webcore?

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