Life360 SmartApp Issue

Very frustrated at approx 3 weeks of issues with presence automations. I use Life360 and It’s been amazing for a very long time- now multiple issues, and one (I believe) has to do with the SmartApp…
First, while my wife and I were sitting in our home-I watched as the Life360 notifications pop on my phone telling me that my wife left, a few minutes later returned home, and then left again. I also saw it show my location as being about 10 miles from where I was actually standing. I’ve contacted, and am awaiting Life360 support.
But further- Lately I’ve seen this one a few times: Life360 app says I’m Home but the ST app says I’m Away, and all my Away automations ran. So in the ST app, I tapped on Automations -> SmartApps -> Life360 (connect) -> Next -> Save… and immediately the ST app then showed me as Home and my Home automations ran. It was almost like I ‘reset’ it. I’ve seen this fix the issue a few times.
Then moments later, I get a Life360 notification that I left again!
So frustrating, any suggestions??

iOS or Android?

Sorry, iOS

Just checking some of the usual settings. In settings: privacy: location services is location enabled as Always for Life360 and in settings: general: background app refresh is that enabled for life360? And you have set the location for your ST hub in the ST Classic app?

For me: Location Settings and BG App Refresh were good.
For wife: Lication Settings were good. BG App Refresh was off. Now enabled, but worth noting… I enabled her BG Refresh yesterday, and since then the issue has gotten 100x worse for my getting false leave/return notifications for her. May be just a coincidence because I can’t see how that can break anything.

Setting location for ST hub in classic app… Where is that?

Click on the more menu tab in the left-hand side of the bottom menu. Then click on the cog in the upper right of the screen.

Yep, location is good.

I have always found the life360 to be more reliable than the ST presence sensor. One thing you might try is go to location map in your ST app and change your location to a location in a different time zone, click save, wait 1 minute and change your location back to your correct location and click save. If that does not help, you may want to contact ST support at

There is another presence sensor option available —> webcore presence sensor.

Thank you, I’ll consider giving it a shot. It’s too bad- I really like Life360

But… either webcore sensir you can set up to 10 places where Life360 is only 2 before you have to pay

I recently had the same issue. What I did was ran Life360 smart app again and that’s fixed my presence issue.

Thanks- I agree… that fixes the problem instantly… but then it gets messed up again in just a few minutes.

I tried a bunch of methods to get presence on a phone to work.
Never achieved real consistency. I’ve abandoned it.

When it works (which was 98% of the last 2 years) it’s fantastic, very reliable. Something tweaked recently and threw it into the pooper. I wanna figure it out and fix it.

Does anyone know if there is a way to detect in ST more than 1 place from Life360?