New ST app and Life360 Integration?

(Coy Green) #1

Had Life360 working perfectly on my classic app, but I just set up the Samsung Connect and migrated to the new app.

Is it possible to get Life360 working in the new app?

(Paul Fitzpatrick) #2

I was wondering the same thing, it works in the classic app for me and updates really fast when we leave/return, in the new app it shows me and my BF as present but it never updates and when i try and set up an automation based on presence we are not listed as available…its all very confusing but seems like presence issues have been around since day 1

(Jeff Spencer) #3

Aww nuts. Just switched from SmartThings Classic to the new SmartThings Connect and no longer have support for integration with Life360?!

What gives? I thought SmartThings Connect was supposed to be an improvement! This is not ready for public consumption!


(Ian N. Bennett) #4

Life360 presence suddenly stopped working for me in both apps


Mine stopped updating last week as well. I’m at work and my wife is at home, so our current presence status matches up with the last update that SmartThings got from the life360 app a week, week and a half ago, but I’ll once again try running through the life360 app setup and save when my wife leaves, or when I return home. Right now, the only presence updates I’m getting are from the SmartThings Classic app, and that only happens when I launch it periodically, as the background process apparently likes to fall out of memory (on OnePlus 5 with 6gb of ram…)

(Richard Gregory) #6

I’m looking for support in the new app too. My classic app has worked great with it, but it doesn’t even show my family in the new app.