Life360 Presence sensors disappears from automations

I am attempting to create an automation using Life360 presence status as the condition for an action. I am able to add the device status that I want and hit save (i.e. Presence sensor No present). When I go back and open the automation the Life360 presence sensor is no longer there. Instead I have as a condition “All away from ‘my location’” with the Who section blank. I have no problems creating automations while using my phone as a Member location condition. I’m only having problems with Life360 as a device status condition. Any ideas?

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same here. I noticed it with new app update.

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Anyone know a work around to get Life360 status to perform an automation (set Mode and run scenes)?

I am having the same issue with a custom presence sensor I wrote for my Dog’s smart collar. Very annoying.

Is everyone having this issue using iOS devices? Wondering if it is a cloud or app specific bug (not that they’ll fix it anytime soon).

I downloaded Bluestacks (an Android emulator) and tested in the Android version of the app. Works as expected. So indeed it is an iOS app issue.

Same issue here with iOS. It was affecting my previously set up automations and ended up unlocking my doors when anyone left the house. Not a good bug. I’ve removed app from iOS and will try it in an android and see if it returns to normal after rebuilding the automations again.

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I’m using Smartthings geofencing with added family members to trigger actions and scenes which I find reliable. Also use virtual switch to arm and umarm Arlo cameras via IFTTT applet.