Life 360 Presence Sensor Not Functioning In New App

In the NEW APP, I’ve been using Life360 as a presence sensor, and it has been working great, until a couple of weeks ago when things stopped functioning. I could see in the app that the Life360 devices were in there and would properly show away, or home, but my automations would no longer work. I created a new automation and added the presence sensors in for my alarm, but as soon as I saved the automation, and went back into edit the automation, the Life 360 devices were gone, and my only option was to select the phones as presence sensors. The presence sensors literally disappear from the automation, even though they are still showing as a device in devices. I realize I can just use my phone as a sensor, but I need this functionality for other family members not in my home that I don’t want to have full access to my application. I’ve also deleted the Life360 SmartApp, deleted it out of the IDE and added it back in. After all of this, the result is the same. Any thoughts or ideas how to solve this issue would be appreciated!

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the same issue also occurs with virtual presence sensors now :frowning:

Which version are you using…stock or TMLeafs app? TM Leafs Life 360 Connect is currently working for me

i believe the OP is talking about the fact that automations change after you set them up to use Life360… same thing i am seeing with virtual presence sensors now.

i have the stock life360 and it works fine but same issue in automations, the automations change and remove the virtual presence sensor or life360 after they are set up.

Are you IOS or Android? Not seeing those issues here with Android

i am iOS but i have already reported so many bugs with the last two iOS versions of the app.

You guys do seem to be having more than your share of issues. Hope some of them will be ironed out on new release

My phones are all IOS and on the latest 14.4 version. I have the tmleafs SmartApp setup in the SmartThings IDE. Had things working perfectly, even after being forced to the New app, but now hitting a brick wall. Like jkp, the presence the life360 presences sensors are removed after the automation is saved. I appreciate the input from everyone!

It does sound as if this is yet another IOS app issue. ST really dropped the ball with you guys . The Androis app also has it’s issues but not nearly as many

I have iOS and the simulated presence sensor is still working fine for me. But I haven’t modified any automations using the sensor recently, either.

have you opened the automations to look at them?

Following. I’ve the same exact issues, including the Life360 presence devices disappearing just as Paul, psager describes. I deleted and reinstalled Live360 today which didn’t change the result. I’m using an iPhone 6 and tmleafs app.

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Okay, I looked at my automations and everything looked as I thought. But then I opened the automations and saw that they are actually using my phone’s presence and not the simulated presence. So I created a new automation with the simulated presence and it seemed cool. I closed the app and reopened just to check and it looks like it changed it to All Away From Home, with no indication of the simulated presence sensor. So, yeah, I don’t know if it works or not but it’s definitely funky.

On the plus side, the automation with the actual phone’s presence sensor does seem to work.