How do you use Life360 as a presence sensor for Automations?

So I took the plunge and migrated to new app. Before I used Life360 for a routine that when we all left, it would arm the system and if we were arriving, it would disarm and open my garage. Worked flawlessly. When I migrated I thought it would still work that way. Not.


This is a screenshot with what it had created for my “I’m Back” routine. Instead of life360 , it uses Bluetooth location from phone which I had blacked out in the picture. Funny thing is that it triggered when somebody left the house instead of someone arriving. I would like to use Life360 like before as a presence sensor but it doesn’t have that option. Life360 is in my devices but will only tell if I’m present or not.


  1. Why in the world did it trigger when somebody left the house when it’s supposed to trigger when someone arrives? (Happened twice today when me and my wife left on 2 separate occasions)

  2. How can I use Life360 as a presence sensor for automations?


Life360 is available under the Device Status section and not the Member Location section in automations :slight_smile:

I know it’s under devices but it can only tell me if I’m present or not. I need it under member location so I can trigger things when I’m leaving or arriving like it used to do in the classic app.

It’s a bit of some silly wording!

Select “Present” when you want “Arriving” and select “Not Present” when you want “Leaving”.

I actually don’t use the native ST presence sensor and solely use L360 in this way. And my house locks up and turns off when I leave, and welcomes me back warmly when I come home! It works flawlessly.

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