Changing Status of Life360 Presence Sensor Manually

I couldn’t find an answer to this elsewhere. I also think that it probably can’t be done. Nevertheless, I though I’d ask. My stepson has turned off location for Life360 on his phone. I have several Routines that test for his presence in SmartThings using the Life360 integration. His last presence was Present. Can I change this manually? I tried editing his “Device” in SmartThings, but don’t see an option to change presence. I looked at the Device in the Groovy IDE and there is a link to “presence”, and it indicates current state is Present, but I can’t seem to edit it there, either. Any suggestions? (Other than forcing him to turn it back or deleting the device :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Thanks.

I always assign a virtual presence sensor to each person and it is that which is used in automations. That way I know I can override it. It also means my automations are unaffected by device changes.

I use automations to set that virtual presence sensor based on combinations of real and virtual presence sensors. If I know there are times when a person will not have at least one real presence sensor with them, or I can’t trust that presence sensor, I include a virtual presence sensor in the mix as a manual override.

I know that doesn’t answer the actual question, but I think you are in a hiding to nothing. You have a presence sensor you can’t trust.

@rcbjr2 Go to Life360 linked services, and edit Users. Remove him, click on Done, and edit Users again, and add him back. Click on Done, and Done
That it is all it takes

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There is possibility that switch was turned off, with new os15. Previously there was a setting to disable anyone from turning location tracking from turning off.

Sorry, but I guess I should have mentioned I have a OnePlus 8T and not an iPhone, so OS15 isn’t an issue, but thanks for the reply.

Does this remove his device, though, and all its associations with any existing Routines? Or does the device stay even though he’s removed from Life360? Oh, and we are still pushing to get him to turn location back on, so it might resolve itself eventually. Ha. Thanks.

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And even when his location is on, Life360 gets out of whack every time it’s updated. I have to go back into SmartThings and reconnect it for it to be accurate. I created two Home locations for this. I flip to Home2 and back again when Life360 is out of whack and all the Devices are reset. Thanks.

I tried this and every time I click done I get an error that ST is having trouble connecting to my network. Sigh. I’ll keep trying, though. Thanks.

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His device will not loose connection. You will just refresh connection between Life360 and SmartThings

Ciao Graham, sono un principiante, mi diresti come creare sensori di presenza virtuali, usando il mio cellulare come sensore. se hai un link dove seguire passo passo come fare, grazie mille…

I currently use this Edge driver for my presence sensors:

SmartThings have been working on their own implementation of virtual devices and there are signs of them appearing in the API and a key library used in app development. I am hoping they will be with us soon as they look interesting and seem to give an option between cloud and local execution.

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Se si dispone di un hub SmartThings, è possibile utilizzare il driver Edge indicato sopra
(If you have a SmartThings hub, you can use the Edge driver shown above) :slight_smile:

Ci provo grazie mille

Grazie mille

Ciao ho creato il sensore virtuale di presenza, ma vorrei abbinarlo alla presenza a casa del mio smartphone,come faccio ad associare lo smartphone?

Puoi farlo con due routine nella sezione Automazioni.

Routine 1:
Se è presente la presenza del telefono
Quindi impostare il sensore di presenza virtuale su presente

Routine 2:
Se la presenza del telefono non è presente
Quindi impostare il sensore di presenza virtuale su non presente

Sono sicuro che altri potrebbero avere soluzioni migliori per te

You can do that with two Routines in the Automations section.

Routine 1:
If Phone presence is present
Then set the virtual presence sensor to present

Routine 2:
If Phone presence is not present
Then set the virtual presence sensor to not present

I am sure others may have better solutions for you

Ma il sensore virtuale come lo associo alla presenza dello smartphone,non e presente tra i ho fatto questa routine
Va bene così?

Il sensore di presenza virtuale non si sincronizzerà finché la posizione del telefono non cambia. Se hai appena creato la routine per sincronizzare la posizione del tuo telefono con il sensore virtuale, non cambierà fino alla prossima volta che esci o torni a casa.

È possibile modificare manualmente il sensore di presenza virtuale in modo che corrisponda allo stato corrente della posizione del telefono. Dopodiché, le routine che ho pubblicato sopra dovrebbero mantenerle sincronizzate.

la tua routine attuale sembra a posto

The virtual presence sensor will not sync until the phone location changes. If you just now created the Routine to sync your phone location to the virtual sensor, it will not change until the next time you leave or return home.

You can manually change the virtual presence sensor so that it matches the current status of your phone location. After that, the routines I posted above should keep both in sync.

your current routine looks fine

Grazie infinite per la tua disponibilità,:pray:

Ma secondo te… è uguale alla routine in casa…e fuori casa
A me sembra uguale o Mi sbaglio?