Life360 not in the new app?

Please forgive me for asking what might be a dumb question. I had a baby last year, and I was unable to pay much attention to or think very much about SmartThings until recently. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. At the moment, I’m checking out how the new app compares to the classic.

I’ve been using Life360 for presence for a while, because at the time it was more reliable for me than the ST app. But I’m noticing in the new app that the Life360 smart app doesn’t show up at all. The related presence devices show up, but they don’t work, ie you can’t tap on them in the new app, and while they appear to be presence devices, they don’t seem to have a status.

Does the Life360 integration just not work at all in the new app?

It is in the new app, click the three bars in the upper left of the screen, choose settings (the cog) and select Connected Services.

correct, at this point, it does not work in the new app. As you saw, you can not open it as a device.

But stay tuned. ST is constantly making updates and with SDC coming at the end of this month, they could make lots of announcements.Maybe Life360 will be one of those. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It may not matter in this particular case. It’s been a long time since I evaluated the usefulness of the ST location tracking, and a lot has changed since then. Although since I have Life360 as a service for other reasons, it was nice to use the same source. But mostly it was because ST kept failing to register when we left or arrived.

The new app has certainly changed a lot since I last looked. I did see something elsewhere on the forum that hinted that more advanced rule stuff would be coming at SDC, which I hope so. The main deficiencies I see are that and I’m not so thrilled with what I’m seeing of the replacements for routines yet. But that’s another topic.

I love LIfe 360… I use it for a bunch of things, including ensuring that my kids get home safely when I am away. I also use it to notify my wife when I leave work so she knows I am on my way home. I also noticed that the new ST app is getting more mature and capable every day. I am almost ready to switch over to using it exclusively. I hope they get the Life 360 integration working soon as one more data point to encourage this migration.

I found that the Smart App actually is in the new ST. It’s under connected services in the app settings. But the people I have already connected don’t work. They show up as presence sensors in the list, but give an error when tapped. Puzzling.

yes, I mentioned Life360 was in connected services in the2nd post of this thread and that you can not access or use the life360 presence sensors at this time. But I bet they will rewrite the code at some point to work in the new app.

Ah ha, so you did! Sorry, I think I was too bewildered by the new app to take it in. :blush:

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Hmm, interestingly, I noticed recently that the presence sensors for Life360 users are now operating in the new app, in that their status is being updated and you can tap on them.

Unfortunately, neither they, nor a Simulated Presence Sensor device I have, are usable in Automations in the new app.

Still doesn’t work for me.

Even stranger!

This is what mine looks like now.

I get “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.”

Funky. That’s what I was getting until a day or two ago. Are you on iOS and/or have you received an update to the new ST app lately? I did on iOS, though I don’t know if that should matter. I have no idea why mine started working.

Yeah, I’m using iOS and have the latest version of the app.

Huh, well, you got me. Not that the activity on the presence sensor does me any good anyway. But that is curious.

I was testing life360 yesterday on one of my devices and it would not open. I tried it today on another device and it opened. I then tried the other device I was trying yesterday and it did not open. I removed the ST app from that mobile device, reinstalled and the life360 device opened.

As pointed out above, life360 is still not available to be used in custom automations.

Just started working for me today too. I was able to use it in automations in the new app. They are under Device Status rather than Member Location. Would do the conditions of present and not present.

I am getting the following error adding Life360 (Connect) to my new app installation on v3 hub via IDE:

error java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected status code 400 from global /clients/null with status text @line 74 (authPage)

I deleted the DTH, SmartApp, re-added direct from the ST github repository (both) and am getting this error. Any thoughts, or am I doing something wrong to get Life360 into the new app?

I think I read somewhere on here that, currently, you have to use the classic app to install life 360. It’s a connected service. If it’s not showing as a connected service in the new app, you will probably have to install the classic app to get it going.

I can’t verify this for sure as I already have it installed and it was installed when I started using the new app.

Thanks. I actually had it installed in the old app and the devices were there, but not able to be used for anything (it just said “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.” on each device). Now I can’t even get the app to install!

I’m trying as hard as I can to work around relying on the classic app as much as possible, but I’ve got it for items like this.