Life360 - New Smartthings App

Hello, I’ve been using ST Classic for over a year and it was working fine with Life 360. Just last night, one of my presence sensors stopped working. It might have been temporary, but I got impatient and deleted the presence sensor. Now, I cannot add it back. I e-mailed ST Support and they told me that it’s not supported in the new ST app. They told me that they can add my request as a “Feature request.” This seems like total B/S to me.

Is there some workaround that I could implement that would allow me to add Life 360 to New ST?


add it back in the classic app, it will still work in the new app

Only deleted the life360 presence sensor or both the presence sensor and the life360 smartapp?

What happens when you attempt to add… any error messages?

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already tried that. doesn’t work.

thank you, using TMLeaf’s DH and SmartApp has resolved the problem. :slight_smile: