Can Life360 integration be added to just the new app?

I have my Life360 account set up with my circle. I can track mine, my wife’s and my son’s phones.
I only have the new ST App installed and use Hub2.
I added a Life360 connect SmartApp and Life360 User DH from the GitHub - Samsung Smartthings Public area using IDE.

In the new app, I go to Settings, - Connected Services and I can seeLife360 (Connect) in there, but tapping it keeps showing “Network or server error occurred. Try again later”.

What am I missing?

You will want to remove those two items from IDE, temporarily add the Classic app, login, go to Marketplace > SmartApps > Social and add Life360 (Connect). Then go to Automation > SmartApps > Life360 (Connect) and authenticate your Life360 account and set up everything. Then feel free to remove the Classic app. Then you can use it from the new app :slight_smile:

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THANK YOU! Worked great! At least the sensor part. Will see how it reacts to users leaving the house. :slight_smile:

Life360(Connect) app does not need to be added to IDE?

After installing old Smartthings app and setting up Life360 there everything seems to be woking in the old app. In the new app I can see Life360 users, but no status (home or away) also Life360(Connect) did not show in smart apps list.

I added Life360 in IDE and now can see the app in Add Smart App list and can go through the settings, but the app is not added to my SmartApps list.

Any ideas?

Cloud-to-cloud connections such as life360 are placed in menu > settings > connected services

So no need adding to IDE.

Deleted again from IDE and it disappeared from Add SmartApp list. I can see it in Connected Services and can go through the settings without any errors.

But still no status shown in icons. If I click any icons (Life360 users), I get ‘Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.’

In the old app Life360 is working fine.

Something still missing…

Delete the new app and reinstall it - see if that resolves the issue of life360 in the new app

Thank you, that worked.

Anyone else having to reinstall the new app;
the automations, scenes, smartapps will no be deleted, but the home screen needs reorganizing after reinstall. The rooms and devices in them stay as they were.


I´ve Life360 installed in my SmartApps tab in the classic App, but when i tap it the circle keeps spining and spining…same happend when i go to Marketplace-SmartApp-Social-Life360.
In my IDE i dont see it on my SmartApp tab.
I would like to keep using it in the new App but i cant.

just curious, what happens if you open it in the new app in menu > settings > linked services?

As for IDE, Life360 is not listed under smartapps.

If you are unable to access the smartapp in the Classic app, you will need to contact ST support and have them remove it. Then add it back in Classic > marketplace > smartapp > social

one thing you may want to try first, sign out of the classic app and sign back in to see if you can access the life360 app, if not, contact ST as mentioned above

Sorry i just forgot that option and is it worked!
So, now i have a new “device” in my ST new App and the tile shows that im present but when i enter the device it show the cloud error, withou any info. Is that normal?

pull the screen down to refresh the page

Does it work in ActionTiles? I just add it and i get “?” only. tks

In the classic app it works, but in the new no, even refreshing it

sorry, I do not use ActionTiles so I can’t answer that question

only suggestion I can think to try… remove the integration in the new app under linked services then perform a fresh install from the classic app.

ok tks for your help!

The only question is what happens in October when the classic app goes away?

No one knows. Life360 could cease or it may continue until groovy dies. But there would be no way to add the app after the Classic app ceases as it can not be added in the new app at this point. My hope is enough people contact ST support and request that life360 continues and ST takes notice.

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Today I try add Life 360 in the ST classica app (reinstall today only to try to connect Life360). But not work.
I see this error:

does anyone know why? i can’t connect my home