Leviton Plug-in Appliance Module DZPA1 Compatibility Confirmed

Does it show as switch only?
Or does it show as outlet ?

Does it show watts ?

?? It showed up as an ON\OFF object. The default icon was that of a female three prong outlet. I changed the icon to a coffee machine. It is not providing any other data in the app or in the api page. In the api page it shows up as type Z-Wave Relay

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Thanks for confirming…I was convinced that since both the iris outlet and Smartthings outlet provide watt information then all smart plugs would provide watt…i was going crazy removing/readding it :sweat_smile: but i see now that some oulet plugs only do on/off function.

I have a brand new factory fresh device- DZPD3. When I plug it in, the light goes green, I “add a thing” and i can see this exact device under Outlets. But I get the error “It is taking longer than expected…”. A) Any ideas here? Was is the max distance to the next z-wave device. I think in my case it’s pretty far from my front door (the closest one I think). Should I put an intermediate device in between?

like the previous poster described, the DZP model is trickier to add/remove ( I can attest to loosing 3 hours + before figuring this out also).
You have to hold the “paddle” that manually toggles the output on/off (normally glowing green) for much longer than you would expect until it changes to AMBER, then press it one more time, that will enable it to be added/removed (depending on what action you are attempting).
If you hold it too long after it changes to Amber, then it will change to Red and flash, indicating it has reset.
One more thing I learned was i seemed to have considerable difficulty in getting my DZP added into ST. Until I realized that they were still “attached” to the former Zwave mesh. So once I figured out how to get it into the right mode, I then excluded them from the old, and I was able to include them on the new one. Hope it helps someone else down the road.

This sequence worked for me. Thanks.

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