Leviton dzc universal in-wall dimmer

Hello SmartThings,

I recently purchased a Wink hub for one reason: it can control my Lutron shades. There is one question that came to my mind: Can the leviton dimmer sold on Wink shop (http://www.wink.com/products/leviton-dzc-universal-in-wall-dimmer/) work with SmartThings so my hardware could be cross-platform compatible?

I’ve already checked the SmartThings compatible device page (http://www.smartthings.com/product/works-with-smartthings/) but I’m not sure the 2x Leviton dimmers mentioned there are exactly the same.

Any recommendation?

Join this brotherhood and magic unfolds (or may…) :wink:

It should work wonderfully. Those are nice dimmers. I think Wink uses unique model numbers for some products that are already out on the market - like Z-Wave locks.