Looking for a zwave plug for TV


Me too! :slight_smile:

It’s really easy to create a little smartapp to do all sorts of things on recorded power levels

What type of smart socket? Any suggestions for this?

Jane, it really depends where you are as there are different models for different regions/countries.
I’m in the UK so can only really advise about sockets on sale here.

I am in Canada.

We have a guy here who is the fountain of all SmartThings knowledge :slight_smile:
I’m sure @JDRoberts will be along soon with some suggestions

Can I change the DTH for this plug Leviton DZPA1 to show wattage?

It would seem that doesn’t work. I tried it and it still doesn’t display wattage. I can see the dots where it would be but nothing shows there. It is a dumb plug, i guess.

That’s a function of the device itself. Although the device handler would need to support this as well, if the device doesn’t do power monitoring, then it’ll never work.

I was about to say that :slight_smile:

If you look here:

Someone answered the question

So, what plugs are good smart plugs for this application?

Unfortunately, being from my little island where we only get strange stuff I can’t answer that question :slight_smile:

The Iris Smart Plugs have worked out well for me. I believe that Lowes has a sale on them now.

I wish Lowe’s Canada sold iris stuff but they don’t. I will look at amazon.

amazon.com has them and will ship to Canada. I have the " original" Iris plug when it was Centralite and sold by ST store. Works like a charm

I’ve got a couple of these and they do wattage: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15654

cheapest Z-wave I could find

Do these monoprice plugs show as off if the switch is turned off and on if the switch is turned on in ST?

That’s probably the default behavior of the “plug” (or perhaps “switch”) device type. I have a GE Z-wave plug and that’s how mine works. In the ST app it looks just like any other light bulb or z-wave switch.

But I also have a Zooz power switch attached to my sump pump and the device handler for it makes it look completely different. But it still would show On/Off in the ST App. But I did modify that device handler myself so that I didn’t accidentally turn it off.

Did you use a different device type for your GE plug or is that just how it comes?

My GE plug is just using the “built-in” device type. The Zooz has a custom one.

Which is why I’m saying that pretty much any Z-Wave plug you get is going to behave like the “built-in” one will.

But if that does not suit your needs you can always change it. I’ve done that on a few of mine as well so that I could make them have the look that I prefer. ST is a rather open system.

Yes. native ST support. shows on/off, gives power (in wattage) andf energy (in kWh).