Leviton Plug-In Outlet with Z-Wave Plus (DZPA1-2BW)

I recently bought a couple of the newer version of the DZPA1 which is Z-Wave Plus. It is pretty identical in appearance to the DZPA1-1LW but just the newer version that Leviton released in late 2016 (like their other Decora switches and dimmers). I was able to get it to join after just a couple of brief tries.

Everything seems fine but I was wondering about the device type. It shows up as a “Z-Wave Relay” which seemed odd but in looking at the list of standard types I didn’t really see much listed that looked better. Per another dated hread (Leviton Plug-in Appliance Module DZPA1 Compatibility Confirmed), there might have been some similar question but it wasn’t really answered.

Has anyone else used the DZPA1-2BW and what is the best device type to use? I’ve seen elsewhere that there is a custom DTH for the newer Leviton Z-Wave Plus wall switches but I didn’t see any mention of the plug-in module.

I’m also having trouble with the DZPA1. 45 minutes of trying to pair. Finally was able to exclude it, and now it wants to pair as a Z-Wave Relay. (and not very well, mind you)

Update: the procedure for pairing is as follows:

Put hub in pairing mode.
Hold the button til it starts flashing amber.
Let go.
While it’s still flashing, press it again ONCE and let go.
It should start flashing green, and then be discovered.

Still comes up as a relay, but not a big deal.

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Thanks for pairing procedure, you save me the day.

Just for completeness, the procedure to exclude the device from the network is the same as pairing (except that you of course you put ST in exclusion mode). Also, for a complete reset, you just hold the button in until the light goes amber and then red.

I’ve been using a couple of these around the house without issues.

I recently purchased a few of these, and had a hard time pairing. I called the company, and he asked for the model number. He then told me to do this and that. It didn’t pair. He then came back and said that you have the new model and it pairs differently than the others. I said but the model is the same number as the old. he said yes new batch. it paired at once with the new method.