Has anyone tried yet the Leviton DZMX1?

(Fernando) #1

HI! Im setting up my appartment and I need 2 dimmers in 3way configuration, 2 dimmers in single location and 2 on-off switches. I found this one on amazon and its says its compatible with Smart Things.

Has anyone tried them?

Any 0-10V dimmers supported?
(Fernando) #2

Also, will the app identify when if its turned on or off even if I did it manually?

Or you recomend better the GE?

(Megan) #3

I currently have 4 of them. They work flawlessly with ST. The only thing I can say negative about them is the “dimmer bar” is a little hard to work on the switch. I like them so much better I too the 2 GEs I had back to Lowes.

(Megan) #4

I have not tried a 3way or 4way with them yet, but will soon. I did some reading and you DO NOT use DZMX1-1LZ on all switches in a 3 way or a 4 way. You have to also use Leviton VP00R-10Z

(Fernando) #5

Thanks dor the reply! What about the instant notification. Does the app detects wether they are on or off? When operating them manually?

(Megan) #6

I will say yes, but with an asterisk. I had 2Xs where they did not, but at the time almost everything was not reporting right in ST

(Bruce) #7

I have many of these DZMX1s. @LadySapphy is correct about what to do for 3 way and 4 way, and I’ve used them in that application also. They DO NOT provide instant notification of manual operation (there is a lag of a few to many seconds). However, the VRMX1-1LZ does (using a hail() command), and is otherwise identical (costs a bit more). All of these models, DZMX1, VRMX1 andVP00R come with white, ivory and almond face plates.