Has anyone tried yet the Leviton DZMX1?

HI! Im setting up my appartment and I need 2 dimmers in 3way configuration, 2 dimmers in single location and 2 on-off switches. I found this one on amazon and its says its compatible with Smart Things.

Has anyone tried them?

Also, will the app identify when if its turned on or off even if I did it manually?

Or you recomend better the GE?

I currently have 4 of them. They work flawlessly with ST. The only thing I can say negative about them is the “dimmer bar” is a little hard to work on the switch. I like them so much better I too the 2 GEs I had back to Lowes.

I have not tried a 3way or 4way with them yet, but will soon. I did some reading and you DO NOT use DZMX1-1LZ on all switches in a 3 way or a 4 way. You have to also use Leviton VP00R-10Z

Thanks dor the reply! What about the instant notification. Does the app detects wether they are on or off? When operating them manually?

I will say yes, but with an asterisk. I had 2Xs where they did not, but at the time almost everything was not reporting right in ST

I have many of these DZMX1s. @LadySapphy is correct about what to do for 3 way and 4 way, and I’ve used them in that application also. They DO NOT provide instant notification of manual operation (there is a lag of a few to many seconds). However, the VRMX1-1LZ does (using a hail() command), and is otherwise identical (costs a bit more). All of these models, DZMX1, VRMX1 andVP00R come with white, ivory and almond face plates.

How do you add it to the Smart hub?
I cannot get my Smartthings V3 hub to recognize it.

You may have to exclude it first. See the official supportbase article:

Thank you!!! That was just the trick to exclude it and worked perfectly.

I appreciate you.

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