Leviton DZMX1

Hello all -

I purchased a Leviton DZMX1 dimmer to control some LED cans in my loft. It’s just a single dimmer, no 2 way. Dimmer works great - turns on, off, dims, etc but I’m having trouble finding anywhere on how to pair the dimmer to my ST.

Help is greately appreciated.

I believe @bravenel has been using these…

Actually I got the switch to work now which leads me to another question. When I hit the switch for the light, it obviously turns on just fine but in the ST app it will still show ‘off.’ I have to hit the icon on the app to show on, then to tap it again to turn it off. Is there a fix for this or is this just the way these z-wave switches behave?

These and some other zwave switches don’t support “instant status” updates with their master controller (ie ST). Basically the switch doesn’t tell ST you used it. ST does poll these zwave dimmers to try and get updated status, but it may take a few minutes. If you refresh in the app, it should update properly. It’s a limitation of the device.

I’ve had the DZMX1 in my master bedroom for 6+ mo now and haven’t noticed an issue with updating within the ST app ‘almost’ instantaneously. Have you tried repairing the Zwave network or umpairing and reparing the dimmer?

I also use these and at most I have ever seen a 10 second delay in the switch updateing in ST

Hi all -

For some reason it started to update now. It took a bit but now it’s pretty instantaneous.

I have a single Leviton DZMX1, not the 1BZ or 1LZ, currently connected to a Wink v1 hub. Is it possible to also connect the switch to my SmartThings hub? Or do I have to completely remove from Wink and factory reset the switch before connecting to SM?