"Left it open" App Only Sends Alert to My Phone

Hi everyone, just started to use the ST app "Left it open’ , for the fridge, I think the fridge has some sort of black hole or a TV in the back of it, because the kids just open it and stare into it, is there anyway it can tell Alexa to tell them to shut it or turn on a light to red , tried it in Alexa but if the door is open then close she still tells you to close the DOOR lol, many thanks Darren

Yes, Left It open app only send notification or sms in some countries.
Now, You can do an automation with the condition “if the door is open for selected time”. and execute actions for trigger Alexa messages.

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Thanks for the reply, I do not see the toggle switch as per your photo, I live in the UK and push notifications work fine, I’m using a Neo coolcam door sensor thanks

If you choose open or closed, the option does not appear

You have to choose the open event or the closed event

Hi Mariano
Thanks but I think your using a different App, I’m using LEFT IT OPEN, is the one in your details DOOR LEFT UNLOCKED because I can see that one in the list. Thanks

Sorry, I could not express myself correctly.
I wanted to tell you that instead of using the “letf it open” SmartApp, now you can do an automation in the new smartthings app and in the “If” part select the open/close sensor and add the condition, that it remains open for a certain time before of executing the “then” part, where you can execute an action with a device to trigger the message in Alexa.


Ok nice one , just set that up going to test it , thanks again

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You can also customize the way your favorite apps send alerts, which include The above content is provided for entertainment and information purposes only.

Hello, I’m late to the game on this one. Is there a way to have SmartThings alert me Every minute that the door remains open and keep alerting me until the door gets closed? I don’t want just 1 alert.

Off the top of my head you could make the alerting Routine:

  door is open and remains that way for a minute
  notify you
  turn a virtual switch on with an auto turn off after one minute

Then have another one:

  door is open (set as precondition)
  the virtual switch turns off
  notify you
  turn the virtual switch on with an auto turn off after one minute

I haven’t thought too deeply about it though.

Thanks Graham, Unfortunately I don’t have the programming knowledge to take this to the next step. But I see the direction you are suggesting

Hi @datasoundsmart

This post is for make a left it open function with 2 routines and one virtual device.
You can make routines to control one device or multiple devices

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