Multipurpose Sensor Alert when door is left open

Please see attached image, the IF states that the sensor is considers open, disarmed, and wait 7 minutes. However it’s alerting when the door is open immediate. How do I setup automation so it will only alert if the door is open for more than 7 minutes?

Your 7 minutes is for the security mode, not the sensor. Therefore if it’s been disarmed for 7 minutes already it will notify you as soon the the door opens.

Is there a way to delay for 7 minutes then?

I have this set up for my garage doors, looks like it has a setting for mode at the bottom.


I can’t figure out a way to get to the screen shot above. I want to set conditions where I get an alert if my shed door (with Zwave contact sensor) is left open for 2 minutes.

I used to be able to do this with the old smarthings app, but it appears to be disabled. In the new app I can’t figure out how to add a delay.

Any help is appreciated - Thanks!

Unfortunately, there’s no way currently to do it with the new app and contact sensors. I can still add the SmartApp Something Left Open in the classic app, but not sure if it’s regional. Marketplace, SmartApps, Energy Management, Something Left Open.

Shoot, my Chrome browser seems to be causing me issues. Let me try that again now that I’ve restarted everything…

Thanks, everyone!

“Left it Open” worked for me, it’s just what I was looking for. I’m not sure why I’m getting two or more notifications each time, but I’ll experiment with that. Suggestions are welcome.

Probably getting a notification from both classic and the v3 apps. You can turn off Notifications from classic if you need to.