Alert for door left open

Is it possible to create a notification if my garage door has been left open for 30 minutes?

I am using the new SmartThings app and have a simple open/close sensor on my garage door.

yes there is a smartapp Something left open
you can find more in the forum about it.

To my knowledge, the new app doesn’t have that capability yet without adding your own SmartApp. I’ve tried to do the same thing in the new app too.

While there technically may be a smartapp out there as @Philippe_Portes mentions , it will still require you to use the Classic app to install it. Since you’ll need the Classic app anyway, you might as well just configure a Smart Home Monitor custom rule in Classic to do what you want to do. It’s super easy, and it works perfectly fine. I have several set up in SHM in Classic while still using the new app (in rare situations where I actually use the new app). Hopefully some day the new app will get this capability and you can convert this over.

Set up is super simple. Pick your sensor, select when opened, specify the elapsed time, add any conditions, tap next, specify your notification preference (SMS/Text), and then save. Here’s a screenshot of the basics:

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Thank you so much! I had no idea I could use both of the apps. In fact, I spent many hours deleting all my devices and resetting them to load into the new app. It all started when I got a Samsung TV that would only work with the new app. Ugh! The way Samsung is handling their apps is very poor indeed.


I completely agree. I still use Classic 90% of the time, and use the new app only to test ST’s progress on fixing bugs and adding capabilities that are missing. I also have a new Samsung TV, but that’s not enough for me to switch apps yet.

Sorry to hear you went through the reset of your devices cause you definitely didn’t need to do that, yikes!

If you have access to RBoy Apps, you can also check out this app which provides notifications in addition to automating the garage doors.

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