Automation only if something stays open for a period of time

Is it possible to run an automation that only triggers if something stays open? For example, if my freezer door is open for 5 minutes, I want it to notify me. I’d like to do this in the new app and not use webcore, if possible. Or am I asking too much?

There are a lot of SmartThings provided ‘template’ SmartApps, but you can’t find them in the new SmartThings Connect app, nor are a lot of them shown in the old SmartThings Classic app either.

To access SmartThings home grown SmartApps, log into the ‘SmartThings Groovy IDE’ on the web, then select ‘SmartApps’ under ‘Developer Tools’. Now hit the ‘New Smartapp’ button, then select ‘From Template’ and you’ll see a lot of SmartThings home grown SmartApps.

One of them is called ‘Left it Open’ which is what I’m using for various doors. It only has a notification action so there’s no other action it can do. You just select ‘Create’ and then ‘Publish for me’ and then you’ll see it available in the SmartThings app SmartApps area under ‘My SmartApps’.

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Nope, you’re not asking too much. Maybe someday that capability will show up in the new app like it use to be w/Classic.

My workaround was to unfortunately use a couple SmartApps I have in my github repo:

If you want to try my apps, the links are below. These are temporary while we wait for ST to deliver these capabilities in the new app, so these are just quickly put together with little documentation and not much best coding practices; but they work.

My version of “Notify me when” has been changed to include valves and a couple other capabilities the original version didn’t have.

The one I use the most that replicates being notified for something being left open, on, or unlocked too long is a parent/child smartapp: (you’ll want all of these)

Parent: (Save and Publish)

Left it On Child: (just Save)

Left it Open Child: (just Save)

Left it Unlocked Child: (just Save)


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