Door (is left open/closed for) [for :time]

I know that there’s a way to do this in the Smartthings Classic App using the Smart Monitor app, but it seems like a glaring omission from the new app. It’s basically there, almost…inside Automation. Right now I can select “When Front Door Opens”, but the only options I have under the Time condition don’t work for this, at all. I’m not sure how much code would be required to add a condition that is simply “Period of time”, not to be confused with the Time/Period of Time condition, that would show, for example, “Period of Time” and then when selected, has just a duration in it like, saying For xx sec or xx mins or xx hours. I think many, many, many people, including me! would appreciate this. Then I can set up “When Front Door Opens ‘for 5m’, Notify Me…etc”. After this, I’ll just need to figure out how to get Alexa to announce it and I’m all set.

Why not just do it in Smarthings Classic? I do. But I don’t like having both apps on my phone (it’s a weird almost OCD-ish thing). I plan on getting rid of the classic app as soon as items add easily through the new app. Right now I’m mentally not tripping out because I use Smartthings (new) on my phone and I use Smartthings Classic on my tablet.

What’s interesting is that Wyze little contact sensors have this functionality now built right into the app. They just released their sensor kit in like, March of this year and they already added this request. Smartthings has been out for nearly 2 years (the new app) and this feature, which is doable in classic is STILL not in the new app. Please, please get it done. This is an important homesec. feature.

If there IS a way to get this done inside the new Smartthings app, I do apologize in that case for this message. Please advise me how. I’ll be a happy camper!

Thanks so much for all your hard work.


For some reason it’s possible for motion but not contact sensors right now :confused:

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“Left it open” is still there in the IDE is you are comfortable logging and and copying some code

You can do this easily with the Rule Engine:


Ok, just setup my account but I can’t seem to figure out how to play a custom message on my Sonos when the door is left open.

I used to have it say “shut the door kids” if they left it open, trying to recreate that. What am I missing?

Can’t even get Sonos to play at all…any thoughts? I can get it to trigger a text so I know the trigger is setup correctly.

The new Sonos Websocket DTH removed the text to speech methods that were previously available directly on the device handler, but you can use the steps in the following post to perform the TTS online and then play that TTS track:

Check out this app, it can announce events and even custom messages on (new and old) Sonos as well as Alexa. So you can set it to announce if a sensor is opened or make a custom announcement.

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Thanks for the suggestions on tools and apps, but almost 100% of the time, they end up costing money - and I get it, people put their brainwork and skills into creating them.
As for logging and copying code, I don’t mind too much but as I mentioned, I can achieve this through the Classic app right now anyway, which is easier.

In this case, this is functionality that I believe should be built right into the Smartthings Platform. It’s a super basic request. As I mentioned, it is ‘almost’ there in the new app and already exists in the Classic. All it takes is a bit of effort on the programming team to put it in. I’m thinking they just forgot as it seems like an oversight to have it missing.

This message is mainly toward any Smartthings engineer who might come across it and think…“wait a sec, didn’t we put this in? — oops!”

Thanks folks!

I too need this functionality and am unable to add my older SmartThings Hub to the classic app after buying a new phone. So I am stuck with the new App. I have a Samsung Contact Sensor (the one that came in the kit) which is attached to my gate. I travel frequently and on occasion the cat-sitter leaves my gate open allowing my pets to escape. I want to be notified if that gate is open for more than say one minute (carrying groceries from the car or whatever) on my mobile when away through the app or an email or SMS. I can then call the person and send them back to close it.

When I create an Automation as the OP says - there is only the condition of its “state” with no possibility to set a trigger for how long that state exists. I really know little about this system but would appreciate any direction as to where I can find resources that would guide me to a solution.

@DesertSweeper check out the Rule Engine. It works with both the new app and the classic app, supports checking for a device staying open for a period of time, and has a variety of notification options.

There is an app called Bigtalker2.0. If you add that to your IDE it will allow you to send tts to various devices.

Is there a better speaker than Sonos, to make it easier? I don’t need high fidelity.

Sonos and Bose are probably the easiest since they require no custom code. The Ikea/Sonos Symfonisk works out of the box and is probably the cheapest one at $100

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I couldn’t find the setting in this app to wait a certain amount of time before announcing.

Trying to do the same thing. Did you figure out the work around?

Does “left it open” work in the new ST app?

There’s a community FAQ on the methods that work with the new V3 app:

FAQ: Get a Notification if Something is Left On, Open, or Unlocked for X Minutes (2020)

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Thanks JD!!!

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