Leak smartapp only works once

I just installed a leaksmart valve and moisture sensors. I set up a smartapp to close the valve and text me when water is detected. I tested it and it works but will only work once. When I test it again, the water sensors show that they detect water but the app doesn’t close the valve or text me. I have to remove the smart app and reset it back up to get it to work again. Any idea how to resolve this? Thanks!

What smart app? Why not just use the built in smart home monitor?

It is set up in the smart home monitor. It only runs once.

After you clear the alert it should run again

Unfortunately this is an old issue. I’ve put in support requests to have it fixed and posted about it in several threads. Here are some of them. Basically you have to clear the incident for the valve to close again. you don’t need to remove the smart app.

New leaks should close the valve even if you didn’t clear the incident.

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Yes, this is another issue with SHM. I hope with the ADT deal that ST will still work to fix this, the lack of a delay, etc.

SHM is 2 years old… And this bug reported over 1 year ago… Sooooo :man_shrugging:?

If you don’t want to use webCoRE for this (I do, see my piston below). You can use a smart app I wrote before webCoRE.

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I’m an optimist. But point still taken

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I just installed this system yesterday after my basement almost flooded for the third time (first two resulted in insurance claims and ultimately being dropped by my insurance). I figured out how to clear the alarm so I don’t have to redo the app. But agree that this is a bug that should be resolved.

Be sure to contact Support@SmartThings.com … the case log is used to prioritize fixes.

(And, supposedly reviews on Play & App Store and Amazon are also used); We have been told, unoffically?, that Community posts do not influence bug fix prioritization; with notable exceptions, perhaps, like when there are new Release notes posted and staff are watching for comments.

Hi Eric,

This is a great app, but is it possible to close the valve on a leak, only when the mode is ‘Away’ ? I don’t want ST to close the valve when we are cleaning the floor at home


Wow - I just ran into this bug today. Tested out my leak sensor. Got a notification but the valve did not close.

This is just insanely stupid default behaviour, and is dangerous. If the leak sensor says there is water, close the valve - end of story.

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Your best bet is to do this via webCoRE. It always works.

Thanks Eric. I’m new to WebCoRE -but will give it a try

Once you have webCoRE running you can import my piston I posted up above or if you want to keep it super simple you can import this one. One disclaimer, webCoRE only works when your hub has an internet connection.