Leaksmart Valves and New App - August 2020

So I have moved to the new app. In the Classis, I had SHM close my leaksmart valve if any of my water sensors turn wet; killing the water supply to the house.

In the new app’s SHM, I cannot set the Leaksmart as a closable valve in SHM. It does show up as a device.

Looking at my IDE, the valve shows as a Zigbee Valve.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Have you tried to do it as an Automation?

You can do this in STHM in the new app…

Go under settings for leak sensors in STHM and go to the set response section.
The first option is to close valves if a leak is detected

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The point is that it doesn’t find the Leaksmart valve to check off. It says I have no valves. The classic app was no problem. It is still listed ther as a valve. So instead, I have built an automation that does everything STHM did for me.

Now that is wierd. I deleted the B-Hyve smart app, which had 10 valves, from ST. Now the Leaksmart valve shows. Maybe there is a limit to the number of valves it shows.