Trying to get LeakSmart Auto Valve Shut-off to work with Smartthings Water Sensor

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I have successfully installed the LeakSmart Valve shut off and I can control it with the Smartthings hub and app successfully to open or close. However, when I use the Samsung provided smartapp to shut off the valve when my smartthings water sensor detects it to be “wet”, nothing happens with the valve. I even added a zigbee plug in between my hub and the valve to make sure the signal was stronger.

The sensor does alarm as “wet” and sends me a notification alarm, but I can’t get it to trigger the auto shut off feature on LeakSmart.

Both are installed correctly. Any ideas? Is there a better custom app available to control the auto shut off?

Just for testing purpose open IDE and got to logging then trigger the water detector to see if the signal is sent to the valve. You can isolate the valve by just clicking the title in iDE Logging for the device.

Which app are you using? SHM? If so, make sure you clear past incidents. New incidents will not trigger a close until you dismiss the old incidents. I notified ST of this but they didn’t seem to agree with me.

I noticed the stock water leak app is registering successfully with my leaksmart shutoff device, but the app is not showing up as a smartapp with my smartsense moisture detection unit. However, the “notify me when” app does register as an app with the sensor without issue. I will reset the water sensor and see if that does the trick.

It finally works. I had to reset the device twice and it finally let me use the standard water leak app with the smartsense device.

How do you dismiss past incidents? Whenever I tested the leak sensor I dismissed them as false alarms, and they all show up as dismissed, but I still can’t get the leaksmart to automatically close.

It automatically closed the first time I tested it, but no more, so this seems to be related to the problem you described.

OK I think I figured it out. In the Leak and Flood Alarm configuration, I had to toggle the Use Every Moisture sensor after I added this new sensor, or else it would not use the new sensor for valve closure, though it was notifying the app just fine. I figured this out from watching the logs:

11:47:12 AM: debug INITIALIZED, settings: [valveDevices:[LeakSmart Valve], triggerResetTime:1469378832366, waterSensors:[Max Toilet Flood Sensor, Sylvia Toilet Flood Sensor]]

The Sylvia Toilet Flood Sensor was not in the WaterSensor[] list until I made that toggle.

I suppose this shows that it’s important to test each sensor for valve closure after it is installed. Simply adding a new flood sensor does not, by default, allow it to close valves.

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When you paired your LeakSmart Valve to the Smartthings hub did it show up as a generic Thing? That is all I can get the Valve to show up as and when it does show up the valve doesn’t beep like it says it should in the manual. Also, when I go into the IDE smartthings page and change the device from a Thing to a Z-Wave Water Valve I can’t control it. I see the valve listed under all my devices in Smartthings but I always shows open and I can’t open/close it through smartthings. Any idea what is going on or what I am doing wrong?

I just got around to installing mi LeakSmart valve yesterday and it included as a LeakSmart valve immediately. I had the control unit plugged into AC adapter and right next to my hub. Plugged it in , opened ST app and looked to see if it was listed anywhere as a specific device type. I couldn’t find it, so was looking in the booklet ( trying to find damn English instructions ) for how to include it and by the time I found the page and picked my phone back up ST app was showing it found 1 new device LeakSmart Valve . So I completed setup by putting it in room cellar, ST had no suggested apps for it to use.
I would suggest if it is just listed a a thing, go into your IDE and edit the device type and try it again. If that doesn’t work pull the radio off of the valve and bring it closer to your hub and try including it again. Then put the radio back on the valve see if it still works. If it does great if not unplug ( and pull batteries if installed) from ST hub for 20-30 minutes and then power ST hub back up so it rebuild ZigBee mesh. See if valve works.
After testing the open/close in app, and adding valve to SHM leak , I took one of my PEQ moisture sensors and did the wet thumb across contacts test to make sure the valve in fact did close .

I did get a good laugh out of the installation instructions
1 Power up valve with included power cord
2 Bring valve as close to your planned installation location to make sure it has good signal ,Include into your network Hub.
3 Once you have valve included into your network call a licensed plumber to actually install.


Ive got a Leaksmart as well and didn’t have any issues… Powered it, ST detected it as a Leaksmart valve right away. Tested it manually and with SMH, everything works great, very impressed so far!!

What took me the most time was installing a new outlet next to where water main comes in ,so I could power it.

I got it working but it still would only show as a Thing, I had to make it a Zigbee Valve in the IDE page. After I did that though it worked fine. Have no idea what it would only pair as a generic Thing.

I have a question on the LeakSmart Valve and SHM. If a leak is detected, SHM is programmed to turn the Valve OFF. But does SHM monitor if the valve was actually closed and alert if it was not closed. For example, if the AC adapter stopped working and the batteries are low, or the device is out of range, etc, the valve may not close when commanded to do so.A notification from SHM that the valve was actually closed would be nice.

Can someone help me with setting up the LeakSmart Valve to automatically shutoff in the event of any leak from water sensors. In the Dashboard->Damage&Danger->Leaks&Floods, I setup a category to monitor all the sensors, but I cannot set it to associate with the LeakSmart Valve. Is it due to the fact that LeakSmartValve Device does not have Alarm capability?

The damage and danger dashboard was removed. If you have it, like me you are just lucky. However, I would recommend you set this up in the Smart Home Monitor dashboard. You can select the leaksmart valve there, I did. Use damage and danger to alert you of any non plumbing leaks (AC/sump, etc)

One word of caution, it’s been awhile since I tested, but if you have a water leak with SHM and it shuts the valve - AND you open the valve but don’t clear the incident - subsequent leaks will not close the valve - so make sure you clear the incident.

Ok thanks. That worked.

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What do you do on the adt system without home monitor. I created some automation routines to shut off the valve if wet is detected but i really need a app for this.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with the ADT hub version at all or any limitations you are saying it has with SHM or apps.