Additional Smart Home Monitor Leak style SmartApp?

Normally, I can pretty much find whatever I need so I apologize if this is not correctly entered.

I am looking for another Smart App that mimics the leak detector in the Smart Home Monitor, which I love. I also posted the question to support as maybe a feature request for the SMH in the custom section. It seems that Samsung could easily fix this by adding moisture sensors on their custom portion of the SMH, but have not for some reason.

I recently just had a leak detector set up on my water heater with a sensor near it so if a leak was detected, it would close off the water valve supplying it, shut off its power (it is a gas water heater but shutting off the power keeps it from coming on), turns on the lights in the area, texts me, and then turns the hall light I have a specific color to indicate a problem.

I now have Dome water valve controllers controlling each floor’s water supply, hot or cold with various sensors under sinks, the dishwasher, etc. I wanted to do the same thing with the water heater but more custom tuned to that device if water was detected.

The SMH leak app is an all or nothing app meaning I really think it was designed to shut off the main water if an number of leak sensors go off. In most homes, that may not be necessary, depending on the leak.

For instance, if the dishwasher springs a leak, shut off the hot water to the main floor that supplies the kitchen, and do the text, and lights. If the refrigerator springs a leak, shut off the cold water to the main floor, text and do the affected lights. If the bathroom sink springs a leak, shut off both hot and cold water supplying that bathroom’s floor, text, lights, etc.

Does anyone know if a SmartApp has been created that mimics the SMH leak app so I can have separate leak actions based on what sensor goes off?

I feel your pain and agree that it is a silly oversight that should be fixed.

You can use the “notify me when app” that I mentioned in that thread. Or you can use a webcore piston. I have one that I can share with you if you need it.

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Yeah, and there is also a not as advanced “close the valve” app (no offense to whoever wrote it).

I posed on that first link you sent but it was untouched for 2 years.

ahh - missed that sorry. I would recommend webcore if you want to do the lighting options you mentioned in the other thread.

Yeah, trying to avoid Webcore if at all possible. I have not needed it, yet.

To each their own of course, but webCoRE is very powerful tool that offers a lot of flexibility when needed but is fairly simple when complexity is not needed. Personally, I cannot imagine using SmartThings without it.

Is your concern is local vs cloud processing? If so, all third-party apps and DTH’s also run in the cloud anyway. So, unless you can keep everything absolutely native, you’re in the cloud anyway. Again, to each their own.

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My problem is Webcore is way too complicated for me. Please is there another solution to turn off a thermostat when moisture is detected???

WebCoRE may appear to be difficult at first but it’s really fairly easily learned. This is especially true to the simpler solutions. There’s also a large group of users that are more than happy to assist with your journey.

However, if you are unconvinced I’m at a loss to help much. The use case you’ve raised here would probably require a specific application that can handle your thermostat - either one that already exists or that could be written because I don’t believe that the SmartThings built-in app “Smart Lighting” can handle this. Maybe someone else knows of an existing app. I’m sorry.

BUT - I am not sure about the capability of the SmartThings App since I only use the Classic App

Thanks for the quick reply. I have not given up on webcore, however I have not found any basic instructions to help me get started. I seen slideshows with hundreds of slide that after about slide 3, their screen looks nothing like mine. I’ve watched hours of videos that are only for the “initial startup.” And again, about 20 minutes into click here, then click there, they start clicking buttons I don’t even have. Do you have any suggestions for good documentation on learning webcore?

If you are using the new app, can’t you just create automations that do this. Why use anything external to Smartthings. You should be able to create automations in the new app that indicate what sensors turn off what valves.

I looked but although I found a Water Valve choice in Smart Lighting for the Classic App, I didn’t find a way to choose a humidity sensor. Again that’s for the Classic app. I didn’t look at the new app as I don’t use it yet.

I would recommend starting here.
As for getting help with WebCoRE, I’d go here.

Personally, I use WebCoRE even for ‘simple automations’ because:

  1. I like all of my automations as consolidated within one tool if possible (it is).
  2. Even if my automations start out simple, they rarely stay simple. So if they start out in WebCore, converting them to more complex automations in WebCoRE is the easiest path.

So this can all be done in the new app. See the below example.

The new apps rule engine is actually pretty good. It is just a matter of if the options you are looking for are there.

You can specify humidity as well for sensors that support.

It also supports multiple condition requirements.

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