Leaks smart app keeps paging me

(Graham Charles) #1

I recently installed and tested a Everspring Flood Sensor, and all works fine. Except that for some reason (using the default SmartApp for Leaks), I am getting hourly notifications along the lines of “Reminder, water detected four hours ago” and “Reminder, water detected five hours ago.”

I don’t see a way to reset or clear these. Uninstalling and replacing the SmartApp is the only thing that’s stopped the messages.

What am I missing?



(ecksomperudenlign) #2

You need to dismiss the incident. Or else it will keep reminding you about the incident.
Scroll down to What Happens during an Incident:

(Jason) #3

You have to scroll to the bottom of the incidents and click dismiss. I had a problem with my incidents not dismissing upon hitting the dismiss button. ST’s provided fix was to uninstall SHM and reinstall it. I instead Left it Uninstalled… It’s reliability/customization isn’t there yet for me. I instead use Rule Machine.

(Graham Charles) #4

Thanks! I knew it would be somewhere.