Kwikset Compatibility?

(Karl Miller) #1

Looking for a clarification on a product compatibility…The product list shows a specific model Z-wave kwikset deadbolt which is a different style than I just purchased. I just purchased this model which has the same leading characters on the model number, but the style character part of the model number is different. Is this model also supported?
The main reason for concern is a conversation I had with a Kwikset tech support person today, who said that the ”type” of z-wave used by Kwikset (and supposedly other lock makers) is a special variation that has some sort of encryption (from what I recall), and that he had a conversation with another SmartThings owner who was having trouble making the connection.Thanks,Karl Miller

(Andrew Urman) #2

They were referring to Z-Wave security layer for locks. We support them. You should run into no trouble. We have two of them we use in the office and some people have them in their houses.

(Casey) #3


The Smart Things developer manual makes it seem like Zigbee is slightly preferred due to network capabilities.  I ordered a Kwikset Zigbee Lock that should be arriving soon.  Is there any reason that shouldn’t work?


(Jim L) #4

I have three of those locks in the nickel finish (z-wave).  I used them with my Vera Lite.

They work with the smartthings hub.  However, I have been unable to figure out how to setup pin codes.  I can have the deadbolts lock and unlock based on presence tags and my mobile device.  I have asked smartthings on twitter about the pin code setup.  On the Vera Lite, you basically just have a pin code option in the device setup that allowed you to set codes for each individual device.


(Andrew Urman) #5

@caseyknauss Interesting timing. We just ordered them to start compatibility code for them. They won’t be compatible yet, but they will be rolled out in the next firmware update. I think you’re the only person mention to us you have ordered a ZigBee lock!

@jleonar Our Z-Wave developer is wrapping up that functionality, then it needs to be designed by the designers, then implemented via the mobile developers. At this point, we’ve taken the stance that we won’t be adding too many features to the iOS app until the Android app catches up a bit.

(Jim L) #6


I appreciate the reply, good to know the functionality is coming.  I assumed it was or I was being dumb about not being able to find it.  I will admit that coming from a Vera Lite, my learning curve has probably been steeper than others because I have been trained by the Vera Lite to try to do things in a certain way.

Any chance you can get me on the android beta test list?  I submitted a support ticket but haven’t heard back yet.  My wife has the iphone and I have the android(Galaxy S3 and a nexus 7 tablet).  I don’t typically carry my iPad or Nexus 7 to work so I am SOL from a mobile perspective until the Android app is released or I get to beta test it :slight_smile:

(Casey) #7


Thanks for the reply, glad to hear it will be implemented soon.

Little off thread topic, I setup a Jasco / GE Lightswitch dimmer today and working on a scheduling system for that, Also I got the 120v Relay from radio shack today and hooked up my garage door with my Smartthings Outlet.  Looks to be working just need my android app to get some real testing.    I wasn’t able to find an existing app to toggle the garage door with the outlet using an “on -=pause=- off” function.  Let me know if i am just missing it.  Thanks


(Brianf2) #8

I asked a similar question regarding the Schlage Nexia locks.  I have been using a Vera Lite as well in another house which allows you to add pin codes and create email alerts when the lock is unlocked or locked.  Looking for the same functionality with Smartthings.  So far I have the locks on Smartthings but all I can do is open and close them using the app or presence tags.

Looking forward to being able to administer the locks by adding pins and removing pins as well as getting email or sms alerts.

Also using IOS and Android.  Can I get in on the Android beta?


(Casey) #9


I am not sure about the pin add / change but you should be able to setup an SMS / email alert based on lock state change.   Pin add Change would require a bit more integration as a password or pin set capability.


Something like

If Lockstate changed to open THEN  text message about Lock Being OPEN

If Lockstate Changed to closed then Text Message About Lock Being CLOSED


Obviously you need to change this to Groovy code but based on what i understand this should work.

(Brianf2) #10


Thanks for the reply.  Regarding the SMS alert is it possible to create separate alerts for different pin codes.  For instance if the cleaners enter their code I get an alert called cleaner.  If my daughter comes home from school I get an alert named daughter. This is a current capability of the Vera Lite.

Really looking forward to advanced functionality from Smartthings.


(Casey) #11

I haven’t seen any capability list like Keypad Entry.  I should get my lock this week hopefully that is possible because i would like that capability also.  That and adding temp pins etc.  To me the lock is a very important piece of home automation and look forward to tinkering with the advanced features.

This is all i found in the documentation regarding lock capability
Represents a device’s ability to lock/unlock.

lock - string
The device’s current lock state.

Triggers the device to lock.

Triggers the device to unlock.

Implemented By

Zwave Lock

(Gray) #12

@caseyknauss, see the reply above from Andrew Urman.  They have not yet implemented more advanced features, but those will hopefully be coming soon.

(Joshua Scott) #13

I just received two of the Kwikset Z-Wave locks, model here. Both are brand new in box. When I try pairing them, nothing happens. I tried putting them within 3" of the hub, but still nothing (both). I tried following the Vera video showing how to reset and pair, no luck. Tried everything I can think of or find on the internet including changing batteries, resetting multiple times, holding include button for a while, pushing exclude button and then include, no luck.

@jleonar, sounds like you’ve got yours working. Any hints?

(Jim L) #14

@Joshua Scott

Sorry for the late reply.  I had my locks working with my Vera Lite.  Pior to syncing with the smartthings hub, I had to exclude them first from the Vera.  After that was successful, I had no issues with them pairing with the smartthings hub.  I simply went into the smartthings app, click add device.  Walked over to the lock and pressed the top left button until they showed up.  They immediately showed up as being found after a few seconds.

Mine are in their installed location (way more than 3 ft from my hub)



(Craiginpa) #15

Any thoughts on whether there might be a way to have lock/unlock control (& maybe lock status change notification) the forthcoming Kwikset Kevo?:

It mentions its smartphone connectivity is Bluetooth Smart Ready Bluetooth 4.0 . I don’t see any specs on any other kind of connectivity. If it doesn’t also have another kind, would integration with SmartThings requires some sort of gateway bridge?

(Dan Lieberman) #16

@craiginpa – Our understanding is that the Kevo is Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) only, only works with their smartphone key management app, and very specifically only works when the key-holding device (smartphone) is on the outside of the door to avoid leaving the door in an unlocked state if the phone is left in range of the lock indoors.

(David G) #17

Maybe if they add it to IFTT?