Kwikset 910 ZWave

I’m tired of trying. My Kwikset won’t pair, period.

It’s in the locked position.

I’ve Paired and Excluded, and nothing happens, no lights, no nothing.

I’ve factory reset the Kwikset multiple times. I got the correct reset red/green. Still nothing on pairs/exclusions.

I emailed Smartthings support. If they can’t help, the Kwikset goes back. And I’ll think about returning the hub too.

We bought a number of these from our contractor, and ended up with an extra. If any of you are interested in a 910 in venetian bronze, pm me before it goes on eBay (we got very good pricing on them).

Anyone have any tips? I reset the lock, pulled my lock control module off the wall and pressed button A (zigbee) it still won’t pair. (I got the module off ebay used)

I pulled off the wall to set it next to the ST hub in the attic

Same problem here. Hope someone could help us.

Have you tried to exclude it first? I had trouble as well, once I excluded it paired no problem.


What do you mean by excluding it first? How do you do that? My SmartThings app can’t actually see and pair with the Kwikset 910 ZWave. Sorry, newbie here.

Try to exclude following the instructions there. It’s usually a good idea to exclude a new zwave device before including it. I believe “button a” is the left button under the back cover of the lock. FWIW I was able to include mine about 50ft away.


Wow, thanks @2l82try1, that works. My Kwikset immediately paired with SmartThing after the excluding process.

Perfect glad you got it paired. I’ve had mine installed since early sept and love it. Only thing is mine has never shown battery status. I’ve excluded and included many times too. Mayb you’ll have better luck.

Created an account so I could thank you. Thanks!

Just out of curiosity, how often does everyone have to change their batteries? I’m looking at like once every 2 weeks for my 910 lock. Not sure if its a device issue or a polling issue. It only gets used two or three times a day…

I bought mine over a year ago, replaced them only once about 4 months ago. Usage of 3-4 times daily.

Does anyone find their Kwikset loses connection off the network quite often. I just installed mine and it is not far from hub, yet it just isn’t picking up.

Sorry for the late reply Phil. Mine doesn’t lose connection much (ever) and it’s about 25ft. It does, however, misread the status…i.e. lucked is always “unknown”.

Are you using rechargeable batteries? I’ve heard those cause issues at times, though, I don’t really understand why.

Mine did. Then I installed a z-wave switch across the hall and never a problem since.

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Thank you. Apparently they pair them at the factory for testing or something.

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Same here. Works great now.

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Thank you. That solved my problem. :slight_smile:

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So, I purchased a “Kwikset Home Connect Lock Module RF Z-Wave Chip {2549 IN2}” off Ebay for my 911/912 handle lock (Great buy for $44). After figuring out the exclusion/inclusion process, I managed to get it connected to ST, and was able to remotely lock/unlock it. Wonderful.

Now, however, my physical buttons aren’t working. When I pull the chip, they work again. Do I need to delete my old codes and redo them with the chip in? BTW, mine is an older model that only supports 4 codes altogether. Also, the lock came up in ST as a 910. Would that make a difference? The WAF will plummet if I don’t figure this out.