Trying to integrate my Yale Conexis L1 with SmartThings via Z-Wave Module 2

I have a Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock, and a Z-Wave Module 2. I have a Aeotec Hub.

I have managed to add the door lock to my SmartThings App. Although the status of the lock always shows as Unlocked. Pressing the button does lock the door but the status doesn’t change.

I have spoken to Aeotec and they said to contact you as its likely to be a device driver issue?

As well as this, the door lock is not transfering over to my Google Home app yet my tv and smart plug is.


Try doing a z-wave repair and adding a buffering device close to the lock. Did you you pair directly with the hub using the Scan nearby option or did you use the Yale brand option in the SmartThings app. Don’t use the brand option as that ends up disabling some features of the lock like remote programming.