Yale conexis L1 with Z wave module 2 with Google Home?

Hi happy new year.
I am having new uPVC doors being installed shortly.
I would like to integrate the door access function into Google Home, I also have Smartthings ZigBee and Zwave Hubs too.
I’ve been planning this for some time, delayed due to covid19. But now going ahead. My ecosystem lends it’s self to installation of Yale Conexis L1 with module 2 integration into smartthings then into Google Home. I am aware of the short comings and some benefits with this set up. But this product has been around for some years now and not heard of an update. I am wanting to see if there is another better option. I’ve looked at Ultion but the offer seems basic for door entry but benefit of very secure locks. I’ve read that Google linking should be available by now? Also looked at Niki again limited smart entry options and mixed info on smartthings and Google. Also read a review that showed a poor fit for UK doors.

So the question is, is there any offer I’ve missed that some one can recommend? Or any thoughts from anyone using Yale conexis into smartthings and Google home. Maybe a new option in the pipeline.

I have a reasonable sized system about 90 individual devices and multiple third party interfaces.

Any one with some thoughts.


For uPVC doors - presumably either patio sliding doors or french doors the Connexis L1 is definitely the logical choice. In fact Everest for a time were offering them with their doors.

Here in the UK Yale currently only offer modules for the Connexis L1 which either supports their own keyfob, or links to their own alarm systems, or the Z-Wave module you mentioned which in theory can be linked directly to Smartthings.

Yales in the US also sell a Zigbee module but have not done one for the UK or Europe.

Yale have announced the Yale Access Module which is based on technology they acquired long with the purchase of the August Smart Lock company. This module will therefore link to the Yale bridge i.e. the UK version of the August bridge and via that in theory can be linked to Smartthings.

Yale UK have launched the Yale Linus bridge alongside the new Yale Linus Lock but the Access Module for their older locks like the Connexis L1 has been delayed by Covid-19.

Note: I do not suggest the Linus lock, the Connexis L1 is as I mentioned the logical choice. However you could add the Yale Access Module and Bridge later.

Thanks for your advice. UK here. Module 2 as far as I know is Zwave only. This shows up in ST as a Yale device. I have seen some YouTube clips that report linking to Google Home, infact I can remember seeing this advertised on Yale literature. I read the Linus you posted. Interesting they have placed Google Home and Alexa pictures in there under Linus connect bridge ,convenient voice control. Are you suggesting that conexis Zwave L1 module 2 will be compatible with the new control Linus connect bridge as the out of home control , web, mobile etc.
If so, that’s a good solution.
Implementation of 2 conexis L1 Zwave module 2 get that working and then review. I am a bit of an early adopter, only 3 years late for this project.
Looked at August too, I took them off my short list very early. Every lock seems to be made for USA door market and uPVC doors have very limited options if you want a smart solution. Think I know the answer but, does conexis have biometric (my home is not fort Knox) or have a NFC options. Think not, looked if a third party had anything. No luck so far.
Anyway thanks for your time and good new year.

The (blue) Z-Wave Module 2 is Z-Wave only and will not work with the Yale Linus Bridge. I am referring to another announced but not yet available module - the Yale Access Module. It would fit in the same slot but talk to the Yale Linus Bridge.

Depending on your preferences and view, the Z-Wave module might be preferable in that it can be connected directly to Smartthings and not need the extra cost of the Yale Linus Bridge, however the Yale Access Module would via the bridge talk to more things including Apple HomeKit, Google and Alexa. I also have had problems with the (blue) Z-Wave module in the Yale Keyless Connected lock so I have a personal dislike of this module.

The Conexis L1 does support NFC with Yale’s own cards/tags, you cannot use an iPhone to do this nor I believe Android but these phones can use Bluetooth and the Yale app to talk to the lock. Or you can stick a Yale NFC tag on your phone case.

I am not suggesting using August branded products, as you mention they are designed for the US market but the Yale Linus Bridge is the UK version of this and works now with the Linus lock and will work with the Conexis L1 and Keyless Connected locks when the Yale Access Module starts shipping.

You could start off using the Conexis L1 with the NFC cards and/or Bluetooth and/or the built-in numeric keypad and later fit a Yale Access Module or you could use the already available Z-Wave module and optionally replace it later.

Prefect idea. I understand the. Zwave V2 is the fixed product and there was numerous issues with the v1, as far as I was told by a Yale authorised dealer. I totally understand your view and one I will take forward. Thou I get a Zwave V2 for time being , install a vanilla operation and add to once available with ZigBee option. If at that point is a better option and best technology. Things change too quickly at the moment with the new “thread” technology protocol.

Again thank for your help…


Andrew Markwell

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The Yale Z-Wave v1 module worked for me. It used older less secure technology than the v2 module. The first v2 modules had a battery drain issue since fixed.

There is no indication Yale UK plan to make a Zigbee module. Just checked the Yale Linus lock and hence presumably the Yale Access Module use Bluetooth. The Yale Linus Bridge uses WiFi to link to your network and the Internet and Bluetooth to talk to the lock.

It was a installer he refused to install module 1 at that time module 2 had not been released. But read on here the same experience as you have had. ZigBee protocol is not a problem with it not being available. ZWave links to ST so that’s good enough for integration. Thou I would be nervous with secure data over BT, but again I don’t live in fort Knox.

Think I gathered lots of detail thanks Andy

If you decide to go with the Z-Wave module 2 for Yale, check out this Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler which will allow you to enable the Eco mode supported by the Yale Z-Wave Module 2 through SmartThings improving your battery life (and also provide you with access to other advanced module settings): [RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung

Thanks for your reply.

I believe it’s this model. Not purchased yet so still checking priced. Thanks :+1:



Andrew Markwell

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Hi folks, sorry to crash the thread. I’m really struggling with Yale at the moment, the App for the L1 locks is currently broken and cannot issue or remove any keys. Yale suggested migrating to the Access Module but this will break my home automation (which runs over Z-Wave).

I currently have the locks paired over Z-Wave with the Ring app through the Alarm base station as this suits how we use the locks combined with the doorbell, however the Ring app only offers lock/unlock capability nothing else.

Does the SmartThings integration allow control of the lock as well as adding/removing keys? What about changing lock settings?


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Hello supersebbo and welcome to the community.

Yes, there is an app in SmartThings that would allow you to do this. However, you would need a SmartThings hub and remove the lock from Ring, then pair it to the SmartThings hub. The application inside the SmartThings app is called Smart Lock Guest Access. You would be able to control the lock through the Edge driver Z-Wave Lock PH.

If you decide this is what you want to do, there are a lot of members in this community that would help you along the way."

Thanks so much. It’s always scary taking on new projects with the locks, as the chance of getting locked out the house is very real! Knowing there are people here to support is very reassuring.

I have ordered an Aeotec SmartThings hub which will be here on Friday… then the journey begins!

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A new toy! Have fun. You need to add the driver I mentioned to your hub before you try to add the lock. Make sure you do this after you set up the new hub and the SmartThings app. You have a lot of reading to do. SmartThings went through a transition earlier this year. All the articles that say ‘obsolete’ or are older than mid-2022 probably don’t apply anymore. Make sure you look for recent posts before wasting your time trying to follow and read through them.

Also, you need to add the lock very close to the hub for it to work. You may also need a Z-Wave smart plug in your final setup if your hub is going to be too far from the lock in your final setup. Place the smart plug halfway between the hub and the lock. You only need to do this if you experience issues with range. I use the Ring gen2 range extender paired to SmartThings for this.

Here is a link discussing your lock and issues you may experience. Do let us know if you have any issues and we will help.

If you have specific questions for forum members you need to add the @ sign and there name like to ask me a question you would put @mlchelp and then your question. There are a lot of members on here that are more then happy to help. For the lock you want to add you can ask @h0ckeysk8er he know a lot about the driver I mentioned or @JDRoberts he is the expert on pretty much everything and you will learn a lot from reading posts and replies from them when your reading through the forum.

Thanks. @mlchelp @h0ckeysk8er One thing I’m getting conflicting information on is whether you can add and remove physical tags/cards through the SmartThings driver? The process according to the Yale manual is that you have to connect to the lock over Bluetooth using the Conexis L1 app, then add the key in the app, which then puts the lock in learning mode and you tap the new key on the lock. Simialry for removing/revoking you have to connect to the lock with the app and remove the key from the slot. This is broken currently, the app simly says ‘Failed to Connect’ when attemping to add a tag (but all other app functions like locking/unlocking still work). Yale have acknowledged this and say they are ‘working on a fix’ but I have little hope as they seem to have abandoned the L1 lock and app in favour of their new ‘Yale Access’ platform. Which they tried to sell me, before I worked out this required a new Yale Access module to be fitted, therefore denying access to Z-Wave,

So to confirm, is it possible to add and remove new physical tags through the SmartThings integration? I.e. can it either send the tag ID remotely or put the lock into learning mode to add the tag locally?

Im not an expert on that at all. It may be possible with the Rboy driver but I belive it may be a paid option. Maybey @h0ckeysk8er or @RBoy or @JDRoberts knows if this is possible.

I don’t believe there is any native ST app capability that would allow you to add physical tags to the lock. SLGA only provides the ability to add individual lock codes that are used on a keypad-based lock.

I don’t have experience with your particular lock so I can’t say whether using the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Driver from @rboy will give you the function(s) you want/need. I would suggest posting in that topic to find out.

I originally used this lock in Smart Things with a ZWave module, but eventually moved over to Home Assistant for ZWave integration.
Due to Yale retiring the Conexis L1 app, I had some concerns too about continuing with ZWave and being able to manage fobs.
Fortunately, there is a fairly simple solution!
I bought the Yale Access Module from them (reduced to £4.99 admin fee for L1 users), and set that up with the app on my phone.
I can use that to Add/Remove fobs as necessary.
I then take a battery out and swap back to the ZWave module - all registered keyfobs continue to work, and so does my ZWave integration.

So now, if I need to update the key fobs, I just pop a battery out, swap modules, manage the key fobs as necessary, and then swap modules back.
It means that I can still carry on using ZWave, and it works way better than using their WiFi bridge which probably wouldn’t work in your Smart Things environment anyway.

Hope that helps.

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