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[RELEASE] Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

( - Make your home your butler!) #1

Introducing Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors, get notified!

If you’ve ever wanted know when a door/window is opened, someone tampers with your things, when someone leaves/arrives, when things are turned on/off, this app can ring a Chime, alert you by sending SMS’s, push notifications and even speak custom messages over your Alexa, Sonos and compatible devices.

See below for a detailed list of features

Key Features:

  • Create multiple rules to monitor sensors and send notifications
  • Supports monitoring the following types of sensors
    • Buttons (with button selection when available)
    • Presence (arrive/leave)
    • Switches (on/off)
    • Locks (locked, unlocked, jammed)
    • Momentary
    • Tamper
  • Supports the following types of notifications
    • Chimes/Tone
    • SMS (multiple)
    • Push notifications
    • Speaking (Alexa, Sonos etc)
    • Create a custom messages for each rule
    • Use variables in custom messages to identify devices names, rule names, status etc (see app for details)
  • Support operating restrictions for each rule:
    • Define operating modes
    • Define up to 3 daily/weekly schedules with start/end times

and lots more. See our website for details.


  • ZigBee keypads can be used as Chime/Tone device
  • Most ZigBee keypads also support reporting Button triggers
  • For speaking, the device must support Text to Speech. E.g. To use Alexa to speak your messages you will need the Echo Speaks integration or you can use a device like Sonos

Installation Instructions

You can find step by step installation instructions here

If you have any requests or suggestions feel free to send them to us.

This app is available on the RBoy Apps Server

Visit our website for more details and to get access to all our apps.

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(Chris) #2

Thank you. I had been going crazy trying to figure out a webcore script that I accidentally deleted the announcement part for doors and windows and couldn’t get it to work again.

This made it so simple.

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(Bob Dunkle) #3

Thanks for another great app. I did however find an issue with using a multi-button device such as a walmote. The app doesn’t allow a particular button to be pressed. Keep up the great apps.

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(Wes) #4

Would be great to see notifications for Door Locks - Lock/Unlock brought into this SmartApp like in User Unlock/Lock Door Notifications and Actions

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(David Evans) #5

Morning RBoy,

Got really excited when i saw this. Was hoping there might be a Doorbell sound option to play through Alexa’s. I have a Push Button hacked to the terminals of a Nest Hello via a 12v mechanical relay. Would love to have the Echos around the house set off a Door Bell Chime.

I do have Echo Speaks installed and working so I can get a voice notification.

Just a suggestion.


(Head of Support ( #6

Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors - version 01.01.00

  • Added support for monitoring locks (locked, unlocked and jammed notifications)
  • Added support for selecting button numbers on multi-button devices (when supported by device handler)
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(Darren) #7

Is there a way to choose which type of chime that plays? I have the Dome siren and it has multiple sounds that it could play.

( - Make your home your butler!) #8

SmartThings doesn’t allow for different chime tones in a single device, just has one command per device. If your chime support different sounds, you will need to configure it in the DTH.

If you’re using kevin’s DTH for your Dome siren, it has a custom workaround which allows to select which chime to play via the speech synthesis API’s of the DTH. You can use the same strategy in this app, in the Speak notifications, select your Dome Chime device and enter a Custom notification message which corresponds to the name of the chime as documented in the DTH. Examples: bell2, chime3, siren1

If you’re doing this then obviously you can’t use the same rule for your Dome Siren and Alexa (Echo Speaks). If you want both at the same time, then setup 2 rules with the same settings, one which speaks through the Dome Siren while the other speaks through Alexa.

(Darren) #9

Great! Thank you for this work around.

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