Yale Conexis (UK)

I’m in the UK, using Smartthings and HA, I’m looking to purchase a Yale Conexis door lock; I want this to run as a simple addition to the house, so ideally I’d like to run the lock natively with the Yale app so that my wife and kids etc can download and use it (non of them use Smartthings or HA, or want to! :rofl:) but at the same time integrate it into Smartthings and HA, it looks like the choices are;

  1. install the Yale L2 setup with hub, then everyone can use the Yale app

  2. install the Z wave module and connect directly to Smartthings, but this would mean all users would need Smartthings (not ideal), also how good is the integration and how user friendly.

So is there an option to install the Yale hub and use it natively with the app and integrate that into Smartthings?

I thought this was going to be a simple buy and install… but each turning has another twist and question, I want to get it right first time and keep it simple for the family…


I’ve been running 2x Connexis L1 for a few years now. The Yale app is crap in my opinion, however it may be ok for you. It will operate via Smartthings with module (but with significantly reduced battery life), Yale, app, and fobs concurrently. Fobs are great, as is the IFTTT widget which we have on our phones and smart watches. If the lock does go flat you’ll need a small 9v battery which touches to contacts on the bottom of the external part of the lock.