June 2021 List of Exclusion Failure Reports

This month there have been multiple reports from people who find that if they remove a zwave device from the network, for whatever reason, they are unable to get it added back again because the exclusion process seems to fail.

These reports are on a number of different brands and models.

In a few cases the specific models are supposed to do a particular blink pattern when an exclusion is complete and the community member is reporting that they are not seeing that blink pattern.

I don’t know if there’s anything these problems have in common, but it feels like there might be, just because there have been so many of them all around the same time and many of them are of devices that were previously working.

So I’m just going to make a list of the threads that I’ve seen. I encourage anyone who is having this problem to get in touch with support, maybe they can see something from their side.






Maybe this is all a coincidence and these are all separate individual problems, but it is unusual to have this many people reporting that they can’t do exclusions in such a short time. So I thought I’d mention it. :thinking:



Thanks JD for the update. Stange indeed many people are experiencing sudden Z-wave issues. I got one of my sensors back after much resetting, exclusion and re-inclusion but the other continues to have issues. Last night I had it in a closed drawer and although it showed no activity this morning the battery indicated it was drained to 0% (it really wasn’t though). I removed the battery and did the whole process again and it is works but only sometimes before it fails again. I now also have a Zooz Z-wave multiplug that will not respond either (continual server connection issue). I am holding up on installing any more Z-wave devices until if and when this can all be sorted out.

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Thanks for taking the time to compile these @JDRoberts

If you’re reading this and actively having an issue performing Exclusion on a Z-Wave device, I’d like to know about it. Please post here or PM me.

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Hi Garrett,

I fall into that category. You can read about my experience here:

I recently opened up a support ticket: 1211490

I would really appreciate your help.


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Not meaning to be a jerk, but I don’t see immediately how this relates to Exclusion issues.

You mention this:

This is a pretty basic aspect of Z-Wave. A device always will accept an Exclusion, regardless of its current state. So, if I’m understanding you and your report correctly, you can Exclude devices. Something may be amiss with your Hub entering Inclusion mode, which would explain the lack of flashing green LED.

We can definitely look into that part. Please reply to the Support Ticket whenever you have a chance so we can proceed (last reply was from us yesterday evening).

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As @garrett.kranz mentioned, A zwave exclude is somewhat similar (although not identical) to a factory reset. You can do it as many times in a row as you want. Each time all that happens is that the device will blank out previously set fields, but it doesn’t care if they’re already blank.

Not being able to include it, though, is a different issue. :thinking:

to get all this fixed is going to take a world wide rice shortage.

Leviton Zwave Plug has been an issue for me recently.