Fibaro with Smartthings Hub

I am desperate and need help

I’ve been trying to pair a couple of Fibaro double switches FGS-223 and roller shutter 3 using Smartthings hub actually its a full set of smartthings wifi which has a built in ST hub

I’ve followed all installation instructions however i am unable to find these devices on ST app, i will be listing down all the trials i did after installation with no hope to even connect:

Using Double Switch 2:

1- pressed S1 3 times but couldn’t find it.

2- pressed B button 3 times but the same.

3- reset (yellow indicator) and did the same steps but didn’t work.

4- disconnect power and reconnect and do the steps again but not working.

5- I’ve tried another 3 switches with no hope.

Note: during these process I haven’t seen any flashing lights that can be indicator that I’ve entered paring mode.

Using Roller shutter 3:

I’ve done exact the same except I have only one device to try, also i’ve been able to see a flashing green/yellow light indictor for pairing mode.

Last, I couldn’t find the fibaro in brands so i’ve been trying Z-wave generic, I’ve tried another account with a UK region where i was able to find fibaro in the brands list but couldn’t pair as well.

Looking for help as i am not sure if i should go and pay extra money to get Home center hub or its another issue

Thank you

have you tried to exclude the fibaro switches first?

Its a new device never been used, shouldn’t be there, but do you think i should do that?
And how can i do it please

yes, sometimes even new zwave devices need to be excluded first and it cant hurt to exclude first.

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Screw Fibaro throw them away and get something else!

When adding a device, yes the “scan nearby” at the bottom of the main add device page. Also get the module as close to the hub as you can during the inclusion process. Under 5M should do.

If they have never been installed in your hub, they should be excluded. If not you should exclude them first.

Reset the switch following the steps in the manual, it is a bit complicated, but try it several times until you see the correct sequence of the LEDs.

To pair:

  • In app click on + to add device.
  • Choose fibaro, switches and dimmers, double switch 2
  • Follow the instructions on the screen until it show you to make 3 presses on the S1 device or button B
  • The green led of the hub should blink.

Using Switch S1: you have to connect a switch between terminals S1 and L.
The 3 keystrokes must be very fast.

Using button B: perform 3 very fast presses

Please wait a little bit for completion of the inclusion process.

The first time almost all of us find it difficult. :woozy_face:


I am sorry but we can’t promise that our devices will work properly with other company gateway. This is something we can’t take responsibility for. Of course, the easiest solution would be to get Fibaro gateway. Then you would have Fibaro equipment with one of Fibaro Home Center which are perfectly compatible.

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@FIBARO_official This is why you are a shitty company… By the way you are also an official Smartthings partner in case you forgot!