My firmware update nightmare

Ever since the last firmware update my hub went down the pipe, most zigbee commands would not work and many zwave one wouldn’t unless I rebooted the hub, and then only would work once… anyway, Customer Service was very nice and tried to reflash the hub but they weren’t able to fix it, thus they sent me a new one. My dilema now is I have to reprogram my entire setup which is close to 40 devices!! I asked if there was a way to transfer the data and they said no. I don’t know about you guys but I certainly don’t have the time to program 40 devices all at once, that took me 6 months, little by little… and to make things worse as you know, all these inclusions don’t always go smooth… needless to say I am extremely disappointed.

I considered trying a different platform like MCV or GE but ST would not refund me for the hub (even though they sent me a new one)

If anyone has any tricks to transfer all my devices please let me know. I honestly don’t even know if I have to exclude them all before I can add them to the new hub! that’s going to be twice the work!! Ugghhh

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Wow. I hope they have a better migration path going from v1 to v2 hub otherwise, No one will upgrade.

Yes, you’ll have to exclude devices from the existing network before including them in the new one. But you can use any Z-Wave controller to perform exclusion. It doesn’t have to be the one they’ve been included with.

Thanks for the heads up, now I know its double the work!

They said they are working on a solution but they are nowhere near release

Use a Minimote to do the z-wave exclusions – goes very fast that way. Be sure to delete all of your SmartApps first!!

You can also use the Minimote to do the z-wave inclusions on the new hub – also makes it much quicker. Only a z-wave lock would have to be treated specially (hub to lock).