Zooz ZSE18 Motion Sensor fails to connect to Samsung SmartThings Hub

It connected when I first turned it on, but the hub thought it was an “Open Door” sensor or some goofy thing like that, so I “Excluded” the thing, but I can no longer add the device! I tried several DHs, but nothing works! I just opened a ticket with the manufacturer which I hope can help, otherwise, I’ll never buy another Zooz device because I paid $30 for this and the only thing I got is the CR123 battery that’s of any use.

Zooz is a very popular brand in the community and their support is usually very good, so hopefully they’ll be able to help.

Right now SmartThings itself is in the middle of a huge architecture transition but a lot of the new features are in beta and many brands are being affected by weird glitches, including misidentification when joining. (Just last week there were multiple reports about GE Switch problems, for example.)

During the transition I’d hold off blaming any third party brand: it’s more likely to be a SmartThings transition issue right now. :thinking:

Announcement | Changes to our Legacy SmartThings Platform

Thank you JDR, I went ahead and bought the Aeotec Hub and am quite happy since that seemed to solve my problem. I’m sure the Samsung Hub could’ve worked, but I had tried 3-7 months to exclude it, then add the zse18 with no success until I got the Aeotec Hub. I don’t know if it was already excluded when I got the Aeotec, but it connected, though I thought it might not because it didn’t happen until I brought it within 5 cm from the hub (which I’d previously done with the Samsung Hub to no avail). The odd thing was that it connected, but had no DH attached to it. That was so weird to me! It did provide a pop-up list of Device Network Ids, but it worked fine after assigning the required parameters. The next challenge is to move the other sensor and light to my Aeotec Hub because I don’t want to overlap locations. I.e., I want two motion sensors to control the floodlight for safety and security. I was also frustrated that the new Android SmartThings app didn’t have the Exclude Utility described in the documentation, perhaps it got moved elsewhere; however, the website utility got the job done without a hitch (well it said the Exclude window was open for 15 seconds, but there’s no feedback on if anything gets excluded).