Issues with Location Awareness (iPhone) (December 2019)

Sort of at my wit’s end here. Using latest iOS on an iPhone 11. Maybe someone can point me to a thread on this as well. My phone has just sort of stopped being reliable at tracking location, I can see that it is returning home but eventually it just stops being tracked at all. In addition, the classic app is crashing on me a TON lately even after deleting in several times and reinstalling it, for example today, pulled into the driveway, door didn’t go up (MYQ integration), opened the app, the app loaded my “things” screen, attempted to go to smartmonitor home tab to see if it registered my arrival, and the app just crashed. I was then able to restart the app, not go to the home tab but instead to the automations tab, and kick off my “I’m back” routine which did then finally kick off the arrival. Dashboard is an “insta crash” every time I try and load it even now on classic.

I will note I also installed the new Smartthings app and remembered its shortcomings after, so I now have both the new and the classic app on this same iPhone (but the issues started before I installed the new app).

I haven’t been loving the location ability of my iPhone 11 with wifi and cell and everything on, of course also location awareness is set to always on as well. It just seems to not work in a lot of apps to the point I wonder if there’s a defect.

Is this something that is just going on right now that is an issue?

There was a recent update to the classic app (version 2.17.0 to 2.18.0) that caused a lot of people to have issues with presence, app crashing, and missing device icons. Another update with some patches that fixed the presence and crashing issues (but not the icon issue) was released for Android recently (2.18.1), but I’m not sure about the status of the iOS update. You might check your app version, and also see if there’s an update available in the app store.

There are several threads about this issue, here’s one:

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The workaround that I have found is to use the Life 360 app, and it will replace the presence sensor for the Smartthings app. Samsung knows it’s a problem, and the fix is to move folks to the new app.

Much thanks for the thread links and app suggestion. As luck would have it, looks like iOS got 2.18.1 today. Let’s see how that goes.

I use quite a few custom smartapps and just can’t leave the old classic app behind until all that functionality is in the new app. Honestly, I’m still a bit beside myself that they went live with a new app so long ago before it was close to ready to do everything the old app could do. Too important to those of us who are in this ecosystem to have to give up all our customizations.

My automations that require geofencing on my iOS device stopped working a couple of days ago. I’m running 2.18.1 code on the Classic app (the new app just doesn’t work for some of my custom SmartApps). It has been working perfectly up until a few days ago so I don’t think the new version fixed anything.

How does this help/work? I’ve got that app running now. Thanks!

From the SmartThings app you will need to add a new proximity sensor. So my home, things, add a thing manually, sensors, Life360. You will be given the option of your family members to add as triggers. This is actually a great way to have automation triggers 4 household members that you don’t want to give full access to the SmartThings app.

Thank you so much for the tip!