iOS Classic app 2.18.0 released (November 19, 2019)

New release for iOS Classic app

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Was scared to update because everything is working. Updated and everything is still working great!

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Anybody seen any differences yet?

Android got the same version update on November 15. No visible changes.

Seems a little faster but could be in my head.

Had the opposite experience, when opening a device preference page it hung and then crashed.

Hmm, wonder if the DTH changes to get preferences working in the new app are causing issues in Classic…

No that I know of, it just happened once. After restarting it’s been working.

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Ghosts again

My wife’s and my phone’s Classic App was updated to the latest version and neither one of showing presence. My kids iPhones are still showing presence.

Try to delete the mobile presence devices and add them again in the Classic app.

I’ll try that this weekend. As a workaround I installed life360 and got presence for both of us that way.

I didn’t even know we had an issue until both of my kids left last night and my Ring alarm armed away automatically. It happened on twice yesterday and I thought my kids were messing with us. Then I looked at SmartThings and noticed my wife and I were showing as away.

I have it setup to arm when everyone leaves and disarm when any one of us returns home. It’s been working great for months.

I’m seeing some reports that this updated version hides the routines tab if you don’t have any created with no way to create new routines.

The app stopped working after the update :scream: The app start loading, but shuts down during the process. Extremely frustrating …

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This version crashes anytime I try to return to the “dashboard tab” until I manually kill and reopen the app. I also had to uninstall once already because it wouldn’t load at all.

Really hope they don’t leave us with this buggy mess when they finally abandon classic.

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Report it to

On iPhone keeps crashing anytime I select the dashboard tab. Everything else seems ok. Had to use my iPad to access dashboard tab just to dismiss a home monitor false alarm.

Same issue here. Any way to dismiss the alerts outside of the mobile app? Getting annoyed with hourly reminders I can’t get rid of

I’m not aware. I tried the iPad app on a whim & it worked. If it didn’t, my next move was to contact support which I still have to do just for the dashboard crashing issue.

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