Smartthings App crashes first time I open it since June update. IOS. Also, phones now no longer work as presence sensors

Yes, I’ve re-installed, restarted over and over. The app crashes every time I open it but seems to work when I open it again. Also, our phones no longer work as presence sensors. This started EXACTLY when our Smartthings apps were updated on our phones. What’s up?

When you say phone presence does not work… does that mean you can not enable get location in settings or it does not process arrival/departure in automation?

It does not process arrival/departure in automation. We used to get a notification that the automation was triggered because someone arrived home. Now nothing.

I’m also seeing a lot of random crashes after the latest iOS update. For example if a page is open and it’s taking too long to update the status, the app crashes. The next time I open it it works fine. It’s not consistent so it’s hitting some unhandled condition somewhere. @garrett.kranz

For presence issues I would recommend;

  1. Delete and reinstall the mobile app
  2. Got to your iOS settings and from the SmartThings tab set the Presence to Always
  3. Open the SmartThings mobile app → Settings (gear icon) and check that your presence is enabled for this phone (it get disabled automatically after you reinstall the app)
  4. Open each Automation or SmartApp and update the presence sensors (they are removed when you uninstall the mobile app)

Also see this post regarding presence

Thanks for all the input. I do appreciate it.

  1. Tried that several times.
  2. Yep, it’s on Always. I make sure of that every time.
  3. Get Location from this phone is “on”.
  4. I’ve not only done that. I’ve actually re-created automations. It still doesn’t work.

Also, my phone locates itself in the appropriate location which is well within the geo-fence area to activate the presence sensor.

Login to IDE, go to Locations > devices and look at your presence sensors and check that the device type is displaying placeholder

How do I log into IDE?

My phone says “placeholder” my wife’s says “mobile presence”. It is not logging any events for either phone.

Yep… hers could be the issue.

OK… this is not pretty…

Disable get location on her phone (read step 3 below first)
Sign her out on the ST app
Delete any automations for presence that includes hers… take screenshots before the first step above if needed.
Go back to IDE and make sure her presence sensor was deleted - the one with mobile presence as type. If still there by chance, open it and delete it.
Login her back in on her phone
Enable get location (it should now appear in IDE as placeholder for type.
Recreate your automations and hope for the best.

Well, I’m willing to give anything a try at this point since it doesn’t work at all. Thanks for your time and I’ll let you know how it goes.