Issues Adding and Keeping GE Z-Wave Connected

So I had this working for a while and could access in my app (mobile and web) as well as tell me Alexa to do things with the switch for the one light it deals with. Now, no matter what, I cannot get it to either connect as a device at all, or if it does and I trying to control with app, it times out and says it is not connected.

My ST hub has always been in the same place and nothing as far as devices have moved. I went as far as deleting device, pulling airgap on switch and going from there, but still not getting it together.

Is there something I should also delete from my alexa since it also accessed it?

Which GE Zwave devices? You mention air-gap, so I assume GE switches? Zwave or Zwave Plus?

When did this start happening? Some people have reported similar problems after the most recent hub update:

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My bad. Yes, a GE Plus switch. Started about a month ago.

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Another weird thing is when logged into my hub and looking at devices, it shows that this switch is active and online, but if I try to adjust the dimming or any other function from the app, I just get feedback that the devices cannot be accessed. Thoughts?

Are you using the SmartThings Classic app or the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app?

Yes, am using the modern app and not the old classic one.

Install the SmartThings Classic app and use it and you will find you can manage your
GE switches :slight_smile:

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Why should I have to do that given the info above? So it won’t work with modern or something you are saying?

So tried that, and nope, not seeing the dimmer smart switch. This makes no sense…

For the device you deleted, just you exclude it before re-adding it? Also, which hub are you using?

Think I have it resolved, but not sure how yet. At any rate, am using the v2 hub.

Well…kind of resolved. See, I have my alexa that sees my ST devices, and if I say “alexa, turn light off, on, etc…”, the status shown in the ST app changes, but then nothing actually happens with the light itself as it remains as it was.