Lost connection to GE wall switch

I have a GE ZW4003 wall switch that has lost connection to my smart things hub. I have tried re-connecting it but I cant see it in the app. I have tried to follow the instructions to exclude a device but I dont seem to have the same options listed in the instructions I have seen. I have the V2 Hub and the app version The other GE wall switch upstairs works fine.

Any suggestions?

Before doing anything else, GE switches are well known for a problem that occurs as they age which is sort of like a buffer overrun, which causes them to stop responding. It’s not technically a fault because it doesn’t occur during the warranty period. But it does occur with those models fairly often.

So the first thing to try is just to cut the power at the circuit box (this won’t work if you just use the airgap), leave it off for about 30 seconds, and then turn it back on again.

Then see if you can get the switch to respond.

If this does work, be aware that the problem will likely recur and require the same solution, although maybe not more than once or twice a year.

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Thank you fro the help. This did not work. I still cant see the switch in the app. BTW this is a toggle switch so it doesnt have an air gap.

Where in the instructions at the link you provided are you having issues?

Is the icon for your SmartThings app identical to the icon for this community (5 circles in a ring connected to a 6th circle in the middle)?

The icon for my smarthings app and the icon for this community are the same. The point in the instructions where I am having an issue is when I click on the three dots. It does not provide an option to select z-wave utilities. So I go to home then click on the three horizontal bars. Then i click on devices. Then I click on the three dots and I only get the option for Edit, Delete, or Sort by.


If you’re going down the General Exclusion path, labeled “Excluding a device that is not yet connected to SmartThings” in the instructions, are you selecting your SmartThings Hub as noted in step 2?

Once your hub details are displayed, then the three dots for the hub will have the Z-wave Utilities menu item.

It’s possible to have multiple hubs. The Z-wave operations have to be selected for a specific hub. So you only see that option once you’ve selected your hub.