GE Z-Wave Switches & Other Devices Disconnecting

Since the last update I’ve had numerous instances of GE switches disconnecting. They do not come back online with a network, nor does air-gapping the switch for a few minutes work either. The only fix so far is to remove and re-pair them. I’m running a network repair as I compose this post and it’s already reported 3 failures with GE switches.

Anyone else run into this lately? I’m going to run it by support for an opinion too.


After several weeks of working okay, my kwiklock 914 lock (z-wave) disconnected from my hub (v2). I had to delete the smart app and remove the lock from the hub, and then re-pair it again. Seems to be working okay now.

Happened the last couple weeks to me and support blamed my previously rock solid performance of over two years for those switches as the problem.

I suspect its on their side again due to some fiddling. I did replaces repeatedly once this started a few weeks back until they convinced me to upgrade my 100+ devices to V2.

Having the same issue with one GE Z-Wave dimmer switch starting a few weeks back and another one this week. Going to see if forgetting and re-adding them works. They still show up in the list of devices, but no longer respond to commands to turn off/on.

had that happened to 2 of my switches last week. Ended up re - paining them and now works fine… These switches worked good before and nothing was touched at the systems for months now…

I had that problem this past week. Support suggested a few things but nothing worked. Power down - wait 15sec - restart hub and repair z network. Go to graph.api.smartthings site to disable and enable z network (under hubs/utilities). Na dah, and I couldn’t even add back any z-wave device I removed.

Yet after a weird hub offline - back online warning yesterday, ST started to see z-wave devices again. (well, only one which I tried to add back) I was able to add back the rest too, although it was still clunky and I had to try multiple times to get them added.

I don’t think it was individual cases. It may be helpful to list the z-devices of the people who suffered the outage. Perhaps there was a culprit that caused the problem.

aeon labs multisensor (gen1)
GE outdoor switch 45604
GE plugin switch 12719
USNAP z-wave module for radio thermostat
SSA1 siren
Evolve LSM-15 wall switch

I had a friend you lost 3 GE switches. He pulled the airgap for a minute on them and they started working again.

I do the air gap as well…that is helpful sometimes!

Support also gave me the tip of using the “Replace Device” option which appears for Z-wave devices. I was able to successfully resuscitate all but one GE switch using that option. The last switch needed to be removed and re-added.

Oddly enough, this has only been happening since the last update, up until then I had one device disconnect out of over 200.

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