Issue with Favorites on app

(Bob) #1

Hi, Today something happened and the favorites fail to load on the main app screen. I uninstalled smartthings app and re-installed and it did not correct. So I went on the IDE and there is a spot at the bottom of the screen after selecting my hub to there to load the favorites and again it fails (error occurred while fetching favorites).

Anybody know how to fix this?


(Laurie Lynch) #2

I have the same issue today and get the same errors as above.

(Dtm) #3

Also having issues with favs loading. Yesterday they would load but would freeze when trying to control my locks. Tonight they won’t even load. @Ben ?

(Ron S) #4


Same here. Favorites is no longer loading and the option has disappeared to select as well. @slagle

(Ron S) #5

Please let support know. Opened a ticket.

(Brad) #6

I took a look and flagged the issue for engineering.

(Brad) #7

Can you try loading again? It should be fixed.

(Zen) #8

Same problem forcing me to load old APK instead and I cannot configure smartapp in android as well ticket opened

(Bob) #9

Yep. Seems fine this morning. Thanks so much.


(Ron S) #10

It’s back! Thanks, Brad.

(Matt Raven Myers) #11

Today I experienced the same thing on Android 9.0 on Pixel 2 XL but opening on my iPhone 7 Plus it’s shows up.


I have the same problem, almost a week now. I reset and erase the app, the same.
Meantime I replaced the phone to S9+ from S8.
Same, “unable to load Favorites”

Strange, I have two locations, same phone, one location works and on other not.

@Brad_ST can you flag the issue again …:slight_smile:

(Brad) #13

I flagged it. There’s a bug regarding Android and displaying favorites if you have 25 or more favorites. A fix is in progress.

Unable to load your Favorites

Maybe I have 25. I can’t edit the list.
Thank you.

(Paul Moyse) #15

I looked i have same problem and greater than 25 favorites how can I delete a few

It tells me that a problem exists when removing via the API on browser

(Paul Moyse) #16

Has this been fixed?

(jkp) #17