Unable to load your Favorites

This impacts users with 25+ favorites. As of this week, the list of favorites will load in the IDE but it is still an issue in the Classic app. A fix for the app will likely require an update to the Classic app which will hopefully happen soon.

Certainly not my intent to mislead. I was unaware of the issue deleting favorites from the IDE and apologize for the confusion.

Your statement " As of this week, the list of favorites will load in the IDE but it is still an issue in the Classic app. " is misleading to the point of being dishonest. It makes people think you can use the IDE for favorites or use the IDE to remove some favorites so the app won’t be completely useless.


You can LOAD the list of favorites but you CANNOT see what the current values are for them and you CANNOT delete them. When you try to delete the msg displayed is “An error occurred removing [device name] from favorites.”

But you didn’t actually lie - you did only write "the list of favorites will load in the IDE ".

Yes, the list does load.
No, you cannot use it for anything whatsoever.

When I first read your reply I was initially peeved that even though I opened a support ticket nobody informed me that it was fixed. But now I realize that is because NOTHING IS FIXED!

Shoddy support taken to a new low!


I have fewer than 25 favorites and have had this issue for several weeks now as well. I don’t think they plan to fix this which really sucks.

As I reported previously, I was told by support to use an iOS device to remove some of my favorites. That did not work and when I reported this to support, the response was " It is a ‘possible’ workaround and not guaranteed, unfortunately. I am sorry it did not work for you."

In any event, a few weeks later I accidentally managed to access the Favorites in the iOS app. I immediately deleted most of my favorites and fortunately I’m now able to access them again. Once I was able to use them again, I realized how annoying it is not to have them.

As others have stated this workaround simply does not work. We just get a message that “an error has occurred.”

Does anyone at Samsung realize how frustrated and angry we are getting over this? Essentially we have all made a huge financial and time commitment to a system that can no longer be effectively controlled via the mobile app, which is one of the primarily purposes of having the system in the first place.

Why is this not fixed after weeks have gone by? Is it really that low of a priority?

I guess the view is that this system is really just a toy or novelty for some people and not really important. It’s really a shame because the community is really strong and very supportive here, but the products just aren’t ready for prime time or serious use.


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UNACCEPTABLE - I saw notification on Smartthings app being updated on Play Store, and my hopes were raised only to find out it is the new app that was being updated, while nothing on the getting this fixed - geez just upload a previous working version and pull the broken one, until resources finally start looking at this.

This has gone beyond ridiculous for those that are stuck on Classic (which side note is much better functionally laid out than the ‘pretty’ looking new app). I have never seen something so fundamentally necessary and broken take so long to fix.

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I have about 10 zigbee water leak detectors. I didn’t realize that one of them was offline since handling everything through the upgrouped list of a zillion devices in “my home” is unworkable.

Guess how I found out? My wife said to me, “hey my socks got wet when I walked over there…”

Major hassle but only minor damage.

Thanks SmartThings! Now could you please “Add a little smartness to your things™” and put back the core functionality that you broke a month ago.

Favorites page broken again on IOS since yesterday. Just sits there trying to connect. Home page loads fine.

An update just went out. You should be able to delete favorites from the IDE now. I tested and it is working.

I can confirm that I was able to log in to the IDE and delete most of my favorites.
I can confirm that I was then able to load the remaining favorites in the Android App.

I appreciate the band-aid but this workaround should have been issued a month ago.


I’ll say it again, There’s no excuse for this level of shoddy support.

I also was able to delete some favorites through the IDE and after getting it to 25 or less they loaded through the app. Still very annoying that I added a 26th to test and it allowed but the favorite didn’t show and when I closed and re-opened the app favorites didn’t load again.

I agree this should’ve been fixed weeks ago!! With this and the issue with presence on Android phones was starting to consider other hub options.

I can confirm that I can’t delete devices in the IDE nor can my android app load favorites. I’ve tried a few different devices and get " Access Denied
We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation."

Try using an incognito/private tab in your browser when you login to IDE at https://account.smartthings.com

Worked. Thanks!

This worked for me. I was able to reduce favorites to 25 using the IDE and the app will now load favorites. Not sure why this would be limited to 25 now when it used to work fine with many more. Very frustrating.

The 2.17 app update started rolling out yesterday and through today. This update has a fix for being able to view 25+ favorites.

My favorites are now working with the new update.

Mine too. Looks like they finally fixed it

Same here. Update fixed favorites issue for me too. Now, how about the presence on Android issue!

Maybe another few weeks :joy:. Thing move slow regarding fixes. Yes I personally didn’t use it for automation but noticed it. Seems so so easy. You can use an Asus router (which are excellent to config) for presence functions too btw.