SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.86 (June 21, 2022)

new iOS app update today

I think I used to be able to switch locations in the Favorites page using the upper left Home ICON like the devices page can, but now I can’t if I was able to before.

UPDATE: Wow, I force-closed the SmartThings app and now I can change locations in the Favorites page, weird…

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Favorites page rarely updates properly for me. Favorite routines are only there sometimes.

Do you mean Scenes?

Yes guess that’s it. I have 4 scenes, 1 device, and STHM on my Favorites page. Quite often only STHM shows up. Closing and reopening the app will bring the others back. Just part of the “pleasure” of using this app.

The iOS app is CONSTANTLY resetting itself on my iPad!!! Everyday it RESETS all of my backgrounds, Room order, and all the devices in the rooms order. I’ve uninstalled SmartThings, deleted the SmartThings account off my iPad, and reset my SmartThings login on the iPad, but the SmartThings app still resets itself everyday.

When is Samsung SmartThings going to hire some real iOS programmers, because when I consider the fact that iOS is a closed platform, I would think iOS would be a much easier platform to program for compared to Android.