Problem on Smartthings app (19 November 2018)


I am observing problems on the Android Smartthings app.
Some of my devices show “something’s wrong. we can’t load your screen right now”
Also, the main screen in “home” section (Things) , show the same message and display no devices.
Some devices show up normally.
But I can control the devices through Amazon Alexa.

Is there a problem on ST platform ?


Same here in Houston, TX.

Same here in the UK.

Damn - thought I was going crazy - just added a new smartlock and then started getting this. I was removing, adding, rebooting trying anything to fix it but its a network problem. SMH.

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I was swapping the Device Handlers for my locks… thought I broke something. :slight_smile:

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Same here (UK also), favourites page is OK and all devices work, just the Things page is not working

Same issue here on the East Coast.

Welcome to the future: The Internet of Things! :joy:


Seems OK now!

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enough !

this is the worst service on earth.
I am really pissed of with ST platform’s issues.
Gonna check alternative solution.

Seems ok now.

i keep getting this too; keep having to retry for it to load things or smart apps et; been happening on and off for the last few weeks, ever since I changed my login from Smartthings to the Samsung account

I was transferring my hurt bridge from v1 to v2 and then trying to cleanup the duplicate hue lights in ST and get Alexa working. I could not control the lights from the new bridge well so I rebooted my St hub and then there lights started working. Little after that this issue started for me as well and now I can’t even see my devices in the API.

Same here,

Though I am getting event notifications, and I am able to see them on the IDE, but right now unable to control any of the devices. The routines are running without any interruptions, But never the less, annoying.

Hubitat, looking at you,

Guys , Please check you have multiple locations and empty locations.

If so, try delete them or select the one location which contains the devices, This will bring back your things.

Thanks and regards,

Try selecting the menu (3 lines) and select your home location which contains the devices, which will bring back the devices, if not you are not able to delete the empty locations.


Both these comments suggest you are using a much older SQLCipher for Android library. The native library filename’s have changed, and the text relocation issues have been resolved in newer builds

I tried removing the other location… unable to