Is there a way to delete the timer that is automatically added when creating the switch?

I created a new switch by adding a component in smart things workspace. However, a timer that I did not add is automatically generated, and the operation performs only the main operation.
Is there a way to delete this?

Can you provide more details, please?

  • What kind of integration are you using?
    If you’re using the Developer Workspace, it can be Schema connector or Direct-connected…
  • What timer are you referring to?
    Please, share the log of the execution or a screenshot of the app that helps us identify the origin.

Thank you for your reply, Nayely.
I’m using direct-connected in the developer workspace.
The timer refers to three yellow boxes in the attached picture below.

Timers have been generated as many as the number of switches, but all execute only the main operation.
I am looking for a way for the timer to be applied to each switch action and a way to delete the timer.

Aah, I see…
Those are quick-access buttons for users to create automations using the Switch capability. They don’t start unless the user configures them.
As these buttons are part of the custom UI of the Switch capability, they cannot be removed from the device UI.

You could create a copy of the Switch capability using custom capabilities, those won’t include the extra buttons.
Please, let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you, Nayely.
But i don’t know if I understood correctly.

  1. Is it right to find a code for the timer and generate a new code to divide the function of the timer?
  2. Is custom capabilities a function to create a new json file and upload it to develop workspace?

Mmm…I’m not sure if I understand what you mean, but those timers can be accessed only from the SmartThings App. They are part of the UI configuration for the Switch capability, they appear for all the types of integrations. For example, this is an Edge driver device:

No, you need to create the capability and its presentation using the API (capabilities endpoint) or the ST CLI, it can be using JSON or YAML formats.
After that, it will appear on the list when you select a capability a device profile in the Developer Workspace.
If you choose this path, I can help you during the process.

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