Cant find old timers

I have some devices that seem to be on timers, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to remove the timer from the device. There is no timer app under the device config on the things tab. Where there some timers/apps that did not move with the new app? How do I get rid of them? Delete and Re-add the device?


Re-adding might work, but have you tried talking with support? They’ve always been awesome and can sometimes work some magic behind the scenes.

maybe all the old timers died…

Why do you think there are unseen timers affecting your device?

In the old shortcut groups you could set a light to “turn off after X minutes” without it needing to also be associated with a sensor to turn it on.

That type of timer is not available in the 2.0 app. If you turn the light on with the sensor, you can still turn it off after X minutes. But if you turn it on with the switch, you can’t.

I have no idea what happened to existing switches and lights previously set up with those kinds of timers. But I would guess that’s where the problem is.

I agree should be able to help.